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Koc HF antenna instructions

I'm an echo in 110 and am finding myself doing HF a lot lately. Does anyone have a copy of the Kalua Off center antenna diagram (sorry if i mI spelled the name)
. I remember that it is fed with ladder line and I believe one side is 18 feet. Anyone that could help would be apreciated. If you don't have the diagram I could also use the DSN or commercial phone number for the echo committee. They might have it.

On a side I have discovered a extremely effective antenna that is easy to construct and doesn't need to be 40 meters in the air. http://www.g7fek.co.uk/blogus/newssh...mall_gar_49493. It functions best in the morning 10mhz range but was also functional in the 3-5 mhz range. It provides a low takeoff angle that is useful in the mid range shots in europe.
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ladder line 30 ft
positive side 36 ft
negative side 18 ft
adjust height as needed
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KOC Antenna

Seen your post on KOC antenna, since you have access to the "Global" push me an email @soc.mil and I can assist. I have data access for departing 18E's, this also includes very specific info on the KOC. Drop to allenn@soc.mil, subject line = KOC Antenna. R/Norm
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