Rep 63
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Rep 63

Shipping on March 7th 2017 to Fort Bennining as a Rep 63. Excited, Motivated and ready to shut up and absorb all that I can possibly learn.

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Ship date
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Ship date

18X, shipping 20170314
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SF Candidate
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REP63, shipping MAR27 for OSUT.
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Rep63, shipping 20170724.
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18x shipping 20170925
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Mr Weiss
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18x shipping to Benning 20170807. Finally making the dream a reality!
"Don't get hung up on what others think you should do, they are not the ones that are going to do it-you are." - Col. Jack Moroney (RIP)
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Ship date
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Ship date

18x shipping out to Benning 20170808. It can't come soon enough!
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so I hate to be this guy, but posting your ship date is a violation of OPSEC... but you know.. whatever
All The Gods, All The Heavens, All The Hells Are Within You. Be The Best You Can Be.

Last edited by Snappy; 05-21-2017 at 16:04.
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REP63 shipping to FT. Benning in September of 2017
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Quiet Professional
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Many local newspapers announce the dates people go to and complete basic training and have for at least 35 years, I've never heard of it being an OPSEC violation, doesn't mean it's not, just never heard of it.
On a separate point, being passive aggressive could be problematic in the Q course.
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18X Special Forces Recruit
Ship Date: 26JUNE2017

Looking forward to the challenges that await me!
"Resilience is, of course, necessary for a warrior. But a lack of empathy isn't"

-Phil Klay
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