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I've been using Wrightsocks for the past couple years and they seem to break down pretty quickly. I've noticed wigwam's have been recommended by several, and was wondering if there was a specific model you guys were wearing. I'm looking to pick up a few pairs for my next three months bouncing between different army schools.

Also, if you are a member of promotive dot com you get 40% off MSRP.
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Originally Posted by 11Ber View Post
I am a staunch supporter of Fox River
Same here, Foxriver blister guard heavy weight socks are outstanding IMO, relatively inexpensive (about $8) and if you don't use the dryer on them they last a very long time. I figured out that the dryer breaks down the blister guard material very quickly, now I hang them.
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If I may: Smartwool has provided me with incredible comfort, reduced sweat and smell, and ample warmth on many occasions.

For what it's worth, though, Darn Tough Vermont was recently awarded Team Soldier Certification for their wool sock (full article: http://soldiersystems.net/2010/04/11...certification/). They are Berry compliant, wool (so FR, moisture wicking, etc) and cushioned. I believe you can procure the socks through ADS Inc which, if you aren't privvy with, offers a nice discount to .mil/.gov/leo individuals on a broad range of items due to their massive purchasing power. I highly suggest you sign up for the MILITARY account so you can gain FULL access to their catalog, not just the civilian catalog.
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I've had good experiences with a number of socks, in my limited experience. One thing I have found, though, is that the Darn Toughs shrink more and lose their elasticity faster than the other brands mentioned.
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Originally Posted by kimberly View Post
"Darn Tough" Vermont socks make tactical (military, law enforcement)socks, ski, hiking, etc..

My daughter has 3 pair of military seconds (We live near the factory and they have a huge seconds sale of all their socks every fall). She wore them under her work boots when she was on a work crew through VYCC (Vermont Youth Conservation Corps). They are very thick and durable.
I came across "Darn Tough" Socks made in Vermont while shopping Marshalls. Didn't know anything about the brand. I can tell you that the sock is awesome and built to hold up. They do not lose their shape and keep your feet dry and cool. I went back to Marshalls to buy more but they were out so I had to order them on line from the factory. I highly recommend the product over any others.
Dan Mackey
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Originally Posted by JoeyB View Post
im used to either army green wool, thorlo or white athletic socksfor wear with military boots. After last weekend I decided I need something new.
Any suggestions for a warm weather ankle sock for wear with light weight low hike shoes, mainly town wear. Im looking for a good combination of cool, wicking and cushion
I looked at the under armor and 5:11 just want some info from someone that has used something like these.
I've sworn by these:


For a little over 4 years now. Granted, the toughest "ruck marching" or "field time" I've been through was during the leadership course while I was in ROTC and our field time at BOLC. Nevertheless, these socks dried out very quickly and stayed stench (read bacteria) free for approximately 3-4 days at a time.

Once again, I can't say how they would hold under tougher circumstances, but I always looked for good socks that would keep my feet dry and that could be worn for longer periods of time if needed (thus lightening my load).

I am curious if anyone has ever tested these particular socks in rougher conditions for longer periods of time. Is my small sample of time with them accurate or just lucky?

I am looking to be putting my feet and body through much, much more rigorous events than the ones I have been through and good socks would definitely help.
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Many Clothing and Sales stores in PXs will carry "Jefferies" brand Merino wool socks. The wool, NOT cotton, socks are incredibly cheap compared to other quality socks and they perform very well. They are also lighter than many of the other fancy socks and work well in hotter climates, in my opinion.
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Fits and Darn Tough
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Fits and Darn Tough

I used to work in a higher end outdoor equipment retailer, and I wholeheartedly recommend Darn Tough and the Fits brands as the most comfortable, durable, and blister-free socks I've ever had.

For reference, I've had several similarly styled (crew cut hiking) samples of other brands like Fox River, Wigwam, Lorpen, Thorlo, Injinji, and most recently the issue socks at BCT.

The brands I mentioned I've only used in civilian hiking settings and casual use, ranging from 2-10 miles. Once you feel the socks in person, you'll observe the quality. If you buy them you will see how well they hold up after countless washes and that they don't wear out and pill or become increasingly thin. Fits and Darn Tough are also form-fitting, especially the Fits, which reduces the friction that can come from looser fitting socks. To be clear, I'm referring to the wool-blend socks, (~60-85% wool IIRC) which IMHO have proven to be significantly better at wicking sweat, staying tight to the skin, and controlling odor in both hot and cold weather. Synthetic socks in my experience just end up smelling awful and my foot ends up saturated in sweat 10x more than any decent wool sock I've ever used.

1. Fits
2. Darn Tough

- G
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It should be noted that Darn Tough socks are backed by a lifetime warranty--you wear 'em out and they'll send you a new pair. When I read that I was sold!
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DJ Urbanovsky
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Darn Tough won me over from the Wigwams and Smartwools a couple years ago. As my other socks are wearing out, I replace them with the DTs. USA made, unconditional lifetime guarantee, and IIRC, if you send in your pair of worn out DTs for replacement, they take those and sew them into blankets that they give out to homeless. Which is pretty cool.

If they honor their guarantee like Outdoor Research does, I'd expect no issues receiving replacements. But honestly, I haven't had a pair of the DTs wear out yet. And I've been using everything from their lightweight running socks to their heavy winter boot socks. I feel that their quality and performance is superlative across their entire product line.
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For those that were fans of smart wool, the founder has apparently started a new company called Point6. They make similar claims to Darn Tough and have a similar warranty. I've got a pair to try out, after some use i'll try to remember to post a review back here.
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+1 on Darn Tough. Bought a couple of pairs at REI for hiking, worked so well I went and bought more for everyday wear.
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Balega socks are my preferred brand for running. Depending on the style, they have added support. They have wool blends. After many washes and wear and tear, they still maintain their support and comfort.
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Good general topic!

I'll put in another vote for Wigwams.

In the jungle, I wear the Wigwam (and some other brands) thin sock liners alone in my jungle boots. They are thin enough to give a bit of extra lining from the boot without acting like a sponge. They are quick to shed excess water and to dry too (sometimes) in your hammock overnight. The feet need a bit of callousing to do this well in a jungle boot, but most other better cushioned warm weather boots that are broken in "should" be OK with just sock liners in my experience. To date, with proper additional daily foot care, I've never had rot in my feet.

Outside of the jungle, I wear Wigwam "40 Below" socks. They are thick, cushioning and long lasting, and for me anyway, not too hot. Despite their name, warmth in -40 temp is more about the boot than the sock anyway I think. I've worn them in Canadian summers in the back country just fine. Do change, clean and dry them regularly though - they can be a sponge. Being a wool and synthetic blend, they dry well hanging off your ruck if conditions allow for it.

I've heard good things about smart wool, but have limited experience with them and frankly, I have nothing "broken" that needs fixing with my current sock solution. I'll stick to Wigwams.
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As has been said many times in this thread, Smartwool, Darn Tough and Fits are all incredible socks that are my go to every time I put on my hiking boots. Wish I had them when I was going through the 10 day patrolling part of Phase I. Ended up with blisters on every part of my feet that touched my boots. Damn green issued wool socks!
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