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My Swantz is bigger than your Swantz

At what point do we stop calling it a sniper rifle and start calling it semi-portable field artillery??

Watch out, Russia creates new 7km-range sniper rifle
Science & Tech
June 30 2020
Nikolai Litovkin
It is set to be the longest-range special forces weapon in the world firing hypersonic bullets, and will serve all branches of the military.

A couple of hours by car from Moscow lies the little town of Tarusa, where a small one-storey building displays a sign reading Lobaev Arms. At first glance, it seems unremarkable, but behind its doors is a factory that manufactures some of the most powerful sniper rifles in the world.

Here, in early June 2020, production began on the world's first sniper rifle able to hit targets at a distance of 6-7 km (the current record of 4.217 km also belongs to the Lobaev Arms company with its SVLK-14 Sumrak rifle). The development, designated DXL-5, will be the only weapon allowing operatives to destroy an enemy beyond the horizon line of a standing shooter.

The developer, Vlad Lobaev, explains that from the vantage point of a hillock or the second or third floor of an apartment building (an elevation of roughly 10 m), the field of vision is greater than 11 km. The higher the viewpoint, naturally, the farther the horizon line.
What we know about the DXL-5

The DXL-5 is an ideological and technological advancement of the SVLK-14S rifle, which was nicknamed the Sumrak (Twilight) due to its ghoulish power.

“The Sumrak is custom-made, like a Ferrari or Porsche, for connoisseurs of high-precision guns and professional shooters who compete at long range,” Yuri Sinichkin, chief engineer of Lobaev Arms, told Russia Beyond.

The Sumrak was built for .408 CheyTac cartridges (10.3x77 mm), which exit the barrel at a speed of over 900 m/s. Moreover, a new type of powder-charge ammunition is being developed for the DXL-5, which will enable the bullet to fly at five or more times the speed of sound (greater than 1,500 m/s).

This is needed because a bullet flying at 900 m/s arrives at the target after eight seconds, giving the enemy time to escape and make a cup of coffee. Therefore, to ensure the coffee never gets drunk, the new high-precision rifle needs ammunition that flies at no less than 1.5 km/s.

“Such a projectile can pierce 3cm-thick metal. Imagine what would happen if it hit a human being? No body armor would help,” noted the engineer.

The future cartridge is intended to destroy an enemy wearing sixth-class protection body armor (the most resistant). Such armor can be broached only by a WWII anti-tank rifle (such as the 14.5mm Simonov anti-tank semiautomatic) or something similar in terms of power, not range or accuracy.

The DXL-5 set to break the world record is being developed as a one-off collector’s item, similar to a luxury car. The standard model will also operate at ultra-long distances of approximately 5 km.

“Training operatives to take out terrorists at a range of 2-2.5 km will require at least 2-3 years. Our rifle will turn the long-range elimination of enemies into a routine task, and simplify it in the extreme. That was indeed the purpose: to make professional operations more efficient and easier,” added Lobaev.

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“Training operatives to take out terrorists..."

That's funnier than a crossover episode of Walker Texas Ranger Meets The Walking Dead Meets How I Met Your Mother Meets Happy Days Meets Whose Line Is It Anyway?.....

Aint no Russian EVER taken a shot at a terrorist.

They may peaceful protest the living crap out of dissidents - but they ain't shooting any terrorists.
Not that I've seen.
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