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Conferences & other CME Events

I am a physician assistant serving in an MNARNG infantry battalion and work civilian side in emergency medicine. My employer gives a decent CME package and I am looking for some high yield conferences or training opportunities that would have good carry over to the military side. Any recommendations from the medical professionals here on PS?

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I thought the Difficult Airway Course was really well done and one of the better CME events I have done.

There is also the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) Scientific Assembly.
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Not sure if where you are working is part of RITN, but the courses offerred at REAC/TS (Oak Ridge, TN) may be of interest to you:

Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS) accredited CME courses
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Thumbs up

After being a PA for nearly 20 years now - including as both mil and civilian, EM residency trained and DOZENS of conferences attended...

BY FAR I can tell you the ONE conference that has CONSISTENTLY been:

1. The most informative
2. Entertaining to the point of hilarity
3. I have retained the MOST from EVERY time I have been fortunate enough to attend
4. The most applicable in the field of Emergency / Sports / cutting edge medicine where I have come back and actually CHANGED PRACTICES IN MY ENTIRE DEPARTMENT based on the information presented...


Has not mattered what year I went, It has ALWAYS been outstanding.
Some "lectures were as short as five minutes...

Forget all the garbage you thought you knew about subject XXX -
This is the meat of it....

One slide later.

Thank you.

Additionally, they will consistently have multiple providers from their trauma center on stage that will open a cutting edge topic for discussion - and they will discuss different points of view, physiology, and outcomes for the same. It is a true debate, reinforcing the PRACTICE of medicine vs the color by number algorithmic approach of some conferences. "This way or no way" garbage I hate.

Lastly -
They have a podcast: EMRAP

I HIGHLY recommend this for cutting edge, unto date, simple breakdowns of common disease processes, EBM applications, and trends on the forefront of emergency medicine.

Hope this helps.
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Great advice all. Thank you. Eagle5US, I listen to EMRAP constantly and find it to be the best value for your buck out there. The Essentials conference has been recommended to me by multiple other folks as well and I will certainly attend at some point.

I joined SOMA last year and plan to attend their conference this year or next.

Are there any tactical medicine courses out there you all would highlight?

The other one I am looking at is a critical care course from Critical Points.

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