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The Muslim Schism Over Jerusalem

I learned a lot from reading this article:

1) Why Hamas' affiliation (spin off?) with the Muslim Brotherhood isn't just convenience.

2) Why Hamas not only doesn't mind, but tells their citizens to STFU when the IDF picks off non-Hamas terrorists (PIJ, IS) in their midst.

3) Why anyone thinks Jerusalem is important to Islam at all.

4) Why Hamas is a bigger deal in the international scene than just another organization trying to murder Jews and destroy Israel.

Previously, I had thought that all the different Arab terrorists were the same product with different brand-names; now, I think I have a better idea as to why none of them get along... and it might not be just Mossad/AMAN.
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Interesting article, thanks.

From the river to the sea... Right?

Although Jerusalem isn't mentioned in the Qur'an, Muhammad originally incorporated the Jewish day of fasting, and had Muslims pray towards Jerusalem, but reverted to bowing to Mecca (Ka’ba) when he found out that the Jews and Christians were not embracing him as a true prophet like the prophets of Judaism. I suppose for their misdeeds, Muhammed personally beheaded over 800 Jews...

The problem for Israel is that the Qur'an teaches that if a land was ever occupied in the past by Muslims, then it must be recovered by Jihad.....
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