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2016 11th Group Reunion Pictures and Audio


The above is a link to a Microsoft "Cloud" account with pictures and audio of the 2016 11th Special Forces Group Reunion at Ft. Devens, MA.

No, I did not attend, I was sent the link by someone who did attend it and asked to post it.

The 11th Group went out of business about 1984, so even the then most recent members are 32 years older than when they were serving in the 11th.

All I saw in the photographs was a bunch of gray haired old (often big belly) guys. I'm sure glad I don't look like them.
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In 1984, the 11th SFG(A) (and 12th) were alive and well.

IIRC, they stood down in 1994-95 time frame. "Peace dividend".

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Thanks, I left to return to AD in 1984.

They say that when we get old our memory is the second thing to go ...


... I can't recall the first.

I emailed back to Hugh Cox, the former C Company commander who sent me the link:

"All I see are a bunch of gray haired fat guys, where are the powerfully built
young soldiers from the 11th Group?"
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I recognized a couple of faces.

I ETS'ed from 1-10 and then served with B-3-11 from early '84 until late '91. At that time, I accessioned back onto AD w/ 10th... right back to 1-10.

Thanks for the link.
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It was 1994, as a result of the so-called "offsite agreement" among VCS Bin Peay and the chiefs of the Army Reserve and National GUard. It was to shift all RC combat arms to the National Guard and was supposed to move most CS/CSS to the Army Reserve. Of course, the National Guard reneged on the agreement almost immediately when various governors realized they might lose their medical, MP, aviation and transportation units most useful to their state missions like disaster relief.

I served in SIGDET, 1-11 SFG(A), and in HHC, 11th SFG(A), both at Ft. Meade, in the early 1990s. Since I was living in Washington, I went to the Congressional hearings where we argued against the agreement, but were told it was a fait accompli (which apparently no one bothered to tell the National Guard Bureau). I was in OCS in the Summer of 1994 when the deactivations occurred.
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