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Any impact on 1st Bn?


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1/1 should get some ranges and training areas. They may lose quite a bit of common maintenance and log support (Army-Marine common stuff that can be fixed or kept up), otherwise the maintenance and log tail will divert to Air Force, Navy, or mainland Japan.
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Leaders never know where, when or in what form the next war will be.

I have an old globe I like to look at now and again. Interesting to see everything in relationship to Taiwan. Guam is kinda' out there. Not as much fun for the Marines as Okie.
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Originally Posted by MVP View Post
Good question,wonder why they were not mentioned in this post.......

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I doubt they will close Hansen which is where the majority of 1-1's ranges are located. The big focus is really Futenma which has protests almost everyday and a Brit wanker that likes to try and confront US personnel on his displeasure of US presence on Oki... I guess we'll see what happens. This topic has been engaged for a while. I heard about this back in 05 when on my first run out there.
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I'll believe it when I see it, they've been saying this for years. Put a timetable up then we'll see what happens.
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