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Black Rifle Coffee & Evan Hafer
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Black Rifle Coffee & Evan Hafer

Evan Hafer, Doing good in the veteran community..


'Pro-America' Black Rifle Coffee becoming popular among conservatives, founder says

By Julia Limitone Published December 05, 2017 Small Business, Big Success

Black Rifle Coffee Company is not where you go to get your average cup of Joe. The Salt Lake City-based venture is making waves with high-quality coffee while taking a pro-Trump, pro-gun and pro-military stance.

The company’s founder, Evan Hafer said his coffee is becoming very popular among conservatives.

“Progressives hate me and conservatives love me. So if you’re pro-American, pro-America you’re going to love my coffee,” Hafer told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

The former Army Special Forces vet started roasting coffee in 2006 so he could have fresh coffee while deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hafer said his passion for coffee, coupled with his military experience, is how Black Rifle was created.

They do snake eater shiite in their videos.. PS: there is a bit of a problem with the tail end of this clip,, sound is a tad blurree.. You might need to play it a couple times to get the message.. :]


Move video's on their ******* site,, BUTT Check your ISP, some of those &*^(&*^(&*^ have blocked their videos,, No idea why??


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Been drinking it for a year.... great source for good coffee .......
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Old 12-07-2017, 07:41   #3
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I saw that segment yesterday, and that video was hilarious...I already have my coffee order on the way..Support your Veteran Businesses and Drink Up....
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Evan said they are shipping 5 tons of coffee to US troops in the war zones in time for Christmas. Pretty cool.

Their customer lounge at their office is very nice. I've stopped in there a couple of times while passing through Salt Lake City.
"It is a brave act of valor to condemn death, but where life is more terrible than death, it is then the truest valor to dare to live." -Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682)
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Looks like a very impressive operation, definitely will try some. Thanks for posting.
"It is because they have so much to give and give it so lavishly...that men love the mountains and go back to them again and again." Sir Francis Younghusband


By Dand

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I've ordered from them a few times. I had shipping issues on the first couple orders where the first took 9 days to ship to include 2 days after I received the shipping notification. They offered a 20% coupon for my next order as compensation so I used it and the that shipment included only half the order.

Of course they fixed it and I attribute that to growing pains.

The product is very good though. I stick with the darker roasts like Beyond Black and Blackbeard's Delight. Berzeker Blend is pretty good too; especially on weekends.

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Black Rifle Coffee & Evan Hafer
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Black Rifle Coffee & Evan Hafer

Black Rifle Coffee & Evan Hafer

They need a:

"Professional Soldiers" blend....................

Or maybe a :

"Snake Eaters" roast.
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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I met Evan and a few of his partners 2 years ago.

He is an extremely focused business owner. Extremely focused.

The part of the BRCC story I like the best is their goal of hiring 10,000 Veterans.

A big/bold vision for a small company, but franchising can fix that.

Several hundred locations around the country over the next 5+ years could mean not only really good coffee, but hubs/“Embassies” for like minded people.


I’m of the belief that once the BRCC network is built out it will be unlike anything the US has seen since Harley-Davidson rose from the ashes 35 years ago.

I reckon the BRCC community could become the next Harley Owners Group(HOG).
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Just Black blend for me.....good stuff. Been drinking it over a year now off and on.
Some of their videos are hilarious if not a tad goofy.
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