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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
Water source is very important to bread making. One of the few qualities that NYC has over the rest of this region is bread quality. The city water is sourced in the Catskills, the water quality is fantastic, resulting in great bread.
I think we're on to something here:


Can Water Quality Affect the Taste of Bread?

Sourdough starters may be sensitive to your water quality because it can alter the microbiome of helpful bacteria needed to leaven your dough. Different bacteria favor different minerals (like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and sulfate), which can change the tanginess and other flavors being developed. None of this is likely to result in bad tasting bread–it just might taste differently. Experiments with instant yeast suggest that water quality may not have much impact on the taste of bread. In both cases, there isn’t a big body of literature on tap water quality and baking, so more research is needed.
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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
PSM, Thank you for the kindness!
Sent this morning.
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Tagged. This is really interesting. I would love to hear results from the recipients of PSM's efforts.
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