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LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots
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LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots

I'm currently prepping for selection and I've been shopping around for boots lately. The only pair of boots I currently have that are broken in are a set of standard issue hot weather boots. I love them but I've worn them for so long I'm not sure how long they'd last through SFAS.

I recently bought a pair of LALO's Shadow Amphibian boots; they were 250$ on GovX and are 100$ more on the civilian market. The website claims they're the "Ultimate Special Forces Tactical Boot," but I'm not so sure. First big issue I have is, they are not even close to AR 670-1 compliant. I suppose they're intended for men already graduated from the course but I've been told repeatedly that the cadre at selection don't care; is this true?

The question that i'm ultimately asking is: How do they hold up? Has anyone fielded these over a long period of time? Are they expensive paperweights or will they make it through selection, and if so, are they better than other boots?
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Just a thought...
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Lightbulb Just a thought...

Originally Posted by ragehull View Post
I'm currently prepping for selection and I've been shopping around for boots lately.
You may want too review the "authorized" packing list for selection.

$250 for a pair boots that you may not be allowed to wear? They better have all-terrain wheels on them SOBs!

Good luck!
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A bit late in the game but thought I'd weigh in here in case anyone else is considering these as an FYI.

BLUF: The pairs we received from LALO tactical (5" amphibian) in June had some serious construction issues. I (we) have been assured that the issues are being worked through and materials are being changed as well as the way the outer soles are fitted to the boot.

My personal experience: I used them on ship for about three weeks and the outer sole around the toe completely peeled off. We considered these a combo dive, MCT (VBSS), OTB boot. We liked the idea of vents, fancy fin-locks on the heels, silent non-slip soles, and the metal bits on the instep for ladder climbing. Maybe it was too good to be true.

We're getting another order in soonish (this month) so I'll have to get in the water with them to see if LALO has in fact sorted it out.
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I'm about as far from HSLD as you can get, so my opinion may not be expert, but.....

...anything advertised as "Ultimate Special Forces Tactical" is pretty much self-identifying as Mall Ninja gear.
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Apologies for the extreme delay here. I bought some of their shoes (regular running shoes) a few months back. It's held together ok through a number of trail runs, but It has seen some very serious wear in just a few months. I used them as an everyday kind of shoe, and didn't beat them up that badly, so the amount of wear that I've seen is a bit disappointing.

Don't get me wrong though, it's like walking on a cloud when they're brand new. The soles protect the fuck out of your feet for those first few months. But they wear down way too fast.

I have Bloodbirds, not Amphibians, just my $0.02, hopefully it's useful to someone out there.
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