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Patty, did you mean Paddy???????
Hold Hard guys

Rick B.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing it is great on a hamburger but not so great sticking one up your ass.

Author - Richard.

Experience is what you get right after you need it.

Author unknown.
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Thanks for letting me in your house. Your site has provided me a valuable tool.
11x headed to OSUT in a month--ready to get the ball rolling!
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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently a civilian looking into a REP-63 contract with the NG. Serving in the military has always been an interest of mine and this option would provide the best balance for my stage of life (married, no kids, wife has a job she loves in GA). I look forward to becoming more acquainted with you all and a big thank you to those who have served or are serving.

Some items in progress,
- Contacted a recruiter with 20th group.
- Read Get Selected for Special Forces and will be working through the training recommendations. Reading Chosen Soldier, I love the perspective given. Reading Slow Burn and can't put it down. Stu Mittleman has some great advice for endurance training.
- Picking up some boots this month and will begin ruck marching.
- I used to do Orienteering in ROTC, so I've started picking that back up.
- Continue working on my APFT scores.

A nation which forgets its defenders, will itself be forgotten.
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Originally Posted by sinjefe View Post
Then you should come up with a more manly moniker
Remember the old recurring Saturday Night Live skit "It's Pat"?


I know, I know...its the intro thread. Just too good an opportunity to miss.
You just can't find that level of stupid in nature. It kills itself off... -T.A. Gardner

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I'm Paul. I'm just an angsty little 17 year old High School squirt who has his distant goals set pretty high in the Army. As soon as I came upon this site I was completely overwhelmed. The knowledge, patience, intelligence, the camaraderie, the great mentors, the incredible people and the INFINITE wealth of knowledge that resides in this domain. It kept me hooked for weeks and I'm honored to be able to finally register.

At one point in time I wanted to work for Rockstar Games or Bethesda Softworks. I wanted to help make AAA video games that everyone wanted to drop 60 bucks on. I perused and am currently halfway through a 2-year degree in Graphic design. Afterwards I was to transfer and get a bachelor's in computer sciences.

But one day I realized, I could make these video games... these senseless wastes of time, for the rest of my life. Or I could travel the world and be a part of history. I was in contact with a recruiter the same day.

I'm a severe gun nut and have spent much time on the internet on world.guns, fueling my obsession. Also in the past weeks I've developed a hefty interest with what you Quiet Professionals do, and what you do to get there.

I've got pretty much nil to contribute here for many years to come and will leave all discussion to the guys who deserve it. Until then - the Quiet Professionals, the moderators, god (and The Reaper) willing - I want to absorb as much information as humanly possible. I want nothing more than to be a part of this amazing family and hopefully become a Quiet Professional myself.
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Hi guys, my name is Chris. Been trolling this site for a few years now. I figured I'd fill out this stuff now that I have a question. I spent 6 years in Germany and now Im back in Colorado.
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Hello everyone, my name is Karl. I am currently a support soldier with 2/19th SFG (A) out of West Virginia. I just finished SOCM, and am moving on to the rest of the course. Thanks for all the great info on this site, and for providing a forum in which to learn from those already in the community.
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Intro Post

Hello everyone, im looking forward to im gathering as much info as possible about SF and what it takes to become part of the elite group of soldiers.

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Hello all. I am a former PSYOP Tactical Team Leader with two Afghan deployments looking for as much information as possible that could prepare me for my attempt at going SF once I transition back to active duty.
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Introduction and vetting request

Gent's a warriors,
18ZW9 MSG. 1980-1985 C/1/5th Grp ODA 531/535. Roger Routh, Ron Merle, Dave Holt, Jeff Sims, Mike Bishop, Leroy Ledfors, Mike "Buzzsaw Degroff, Jake Jakovenko and many others can verify my time there. Also Mike Rosario Eric Wardlow cna a well.
1985-1990 SFUWO instructer then retired. Dave Boltz, Fred Bremer, leandro Sanfelize, Joe Callahan, Brian Bewley, Johnn Dandeneau, Jeff Burns, John Reynolds, Kenny Cannon, and Raymond Phoo Sears will veirfy this time there.

Need vetting or verification ASAP. Buzzz i on this as we PM'd here and don fb SF Brothers.


Edited by Richard.

"We are disturbed not by events, but by the views we take of them" Epicutus
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Originally Posted by Team Sergeant View Post
Make your first post here:
I completed the Q-Course in 9-84, as an 18E. I proceeded to 7th signal for a short time, before being picked for Cabin Beach (Reactivation of 1st/1st) on Torii Station, Okinawa. I remained on ODA-113, a Scout Swimmer team, until 1988, at which time I proceeded to SWC phase 2 committee instructor. I got out in July of 1989, as a SSG (P).
I am looking to get vetted. Eric Wardlow said he knows TS, and can speak with him to vet me if necessary.
These following individuals were either on my team, or battalion during my service:
Eric Wardlow, Ed Walker, Mark Sheppard, Charles Brantley, Michael Rosario, Terry Palmore, Steve Engish, Larry Kramer, James Miles, John Wade, David Kolar, Clint Eseray (CO), Dean Reid (Tm Sgt), Galen Musselman (Tm Sgt), Wayne Karvonen, Timothy McFarland, Richard Rosencrans, Dennis Brinkmeier, When we arrived in oki, LTC Estep was the commanding officer.

I hope this is enough info to vet me.

Thank you for your assistance.


Edited by Richard.
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Hello gentleman and ladies,
I am a contractor/professional camper/wanderer of the woods out here in Pineland. Joined a couple of months ago primarily to utilize your search bar for learning purposes but had no idea how much I'd enjoy reading your articles, thoughts, and jokes. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do.
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I am following the instructions of introducing myself for a first post.

I retired from Active Duty in 2004. I was an Armor & Mech IN guy for a while, then left AD to go to Seminary and returned back to AD 4 years later (1980) as a Chaplain. I was the 1st Group Chaplain when they were first re-activated, (in the old WWII buildings of North Fort). I felt privileged to be in Group--those were Interesting days--like when the CSM for 3rd BN shot the Team Sgts dog in front of the formation. (a bunch of us were climbing Ranier on that day)

COL. B was good to me--I was pretty inexperienced to be the Group Chaplain--shoot--I was also the only Chaplain at the time. I hadn't quite learned yet to think "outside the box". Being in Group fixed that for me--but that "thinking outside the box" would go on to make me a PITA to my Bosses when I went back to the conventional Army........

I am here, now, because I just started (last week) the Laurel Reserve Police Academy (for our Sheriff's Dept). At 61 I'm the oldest guy in the class by about 15+ years. Our county is 1,800+ sq miles, with only a few Deputies. I don't expect to be kicking down doors anytime soon, but I may end up clearing buildings, checking alarms, etc, etc. So I will be coming back occasionally with questions about procedures, etc.

As to gear questions--when we graduate from the Academy in May, we get issued one uniform and a badge, and can used previously donated level IIIA vests--all the other gear, we buy ourselves. I figure I'll just use one of my Kimbers for a duty weapon, and I already have a Lewis Machine & Tool AR w/ Aimpoint T-1. I will be checking back in, looking for advice about tactical vests, rifle plates, lights for my AR etc.

Thanks for letting me pick your brains.........
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Originally Posted by mblack View Post
Gent's a warriors,
18ZW9 MSG. 1980-1985 C/1/5th Grp ODA 531/535. Roger Routh, Ron Merle, Dave Holt, Jeff Sims, Mike Bishop, Leroy Ledfors, Mike "Buzzsaw Degroff, Jake Jakovenko and many others can verify my time there. Also Mike Rosario Eric Wardlow cna a well.


Edited by Richard.
Not another 18Z!
Dave Holt! There's a name from long ago. I remember him from the 5th Group 3 shop . . . Great Guy!
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Hello lads. I am currently in the Guard and when my contract is up in 2 years I will reenlist for active duty SF. In the mean I'm training and going to school. My specialty will be 18D. That's it, back to the study. I'm also known as Party Pete.
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