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Gentlemen a while ago the SORB posted some "SELECTED VIDEOS" Clicking the link you can see the page is there but the videos are not. Does anyone have them backed up somewhere? I'd like to take a look at them as a I build my training plan in prep for SFAS this fall. Much appreciated.
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You might want to go back and read the rules for this BB before you get the attention of one of the Moderators or Administrators most ricky tick.
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I'm guessing you're suggesting the information is already posted somewhere here. I've searched. No luck. Anyone else?
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The information you are seeking isn't necessary to be successful at SFAS; I doubt any of the QPs here saved that stuff. But there are plenty of resources available here and elsewhere on the net to help you prepare for the physical rigors of SFAS. SOFWOD, MilitaryAthlete, and several others have put together very comprehensive programs based on feedback from people who have been successful at SFAS to assist guys in getting physically prepared for whats ahead. You could also use the SFAS prep pamphlet available from the SORB.

If you were referring to the mental piece(s), you either possess those or you don't - prepping for that portion of the test using G2, regardless of the source (SORB, recruiter, SF buddy, etc) of the info, defeats the purpose of having selection.

Also, my Brother was referring to your not appearing to have posted an intro in the appropriate thread. A few months ago we lost some of the older introductions and yours may have been one of them. If you know you posted one we will take your word for it, however if you know you didnt or cant remember please post a short intro in the thread labeled, "Introductions."

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Thanks for the SOFWOD. That's a new one to me. I just wanted to look at the videos as it has been sometime since I've seen them and see if there was anything I could glean to add to my training plan. As for the mental piece I totally agree. My introduction appears to be lost on the digital frontier, will correct.
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