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Would not want him in the AF either

Maybe you could start in the Air Force. As long as the unit does not have any weapons at all. Prove yourself there. Then maybe try the Army, after several years.

We have too many situations requiring level headed thinking and do not have the time or inclination to deal with people who may decide to be impulsive, "headstrong", or "annoying" for no particular reason.

With that has been said as a prior AF guy I would not want him near an air plane either. All aircraft are multi-million dollar assets. Aircraft especially helos are millions of little pieces moving in tight formation waiting for one to get out of proper working order so that they can send the whole thing to the ground. Having been in several crashes and hard landings I would not want you around my plane, helo, packing parachutes, handling my pay or anything else that keeps me doing what I do, or what the other in this forum Operators do. The AF has issues putting some on that has had issues with Bi-polar, depression or other psyc issue in for that reason. However, once you have been off meds for two years or more you may then be able to get in.

What are your other options? Read a Message to Garcia. Go talk to recruiters not just on but for all of the branches, to get as much info as you can. And make it work for you. when you want to do something, do the research on what it take to do it, then go out and get it don't! If you in the process find that you are unable for what ever reason to thats OK but then go find something else that interests you and do the same thing all over again, repeat this process until you find the overlap of your interest and ability (to include the requirement outside of your control), odds are that may be something that you have been called to do.

Good luck
"Be Strong and Courageous do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord you God will be with you where ever you go" Joshua 1:9

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Originally Posted by Sarski View Post
SB, I am glad to hear you are looking at other options, especially in light of some of the advice given.

One of the things my dad constantly drilled into me was that the decisions we make now affect us the rest of our lives. Good or bad. It took me a while to finally understand what he was saying. Life experience had to catch up with me, my way of thinking and maturity, or immaturity as it were. We still bring this up from time to time just to remind eachother when we see examples of it around us.

Many of the things you seek, and now something else "nearly as exciting" also require security clearance just to aid and assist, and further the mission. You have probably excluded yourself from that group.

So I have a question, you don't have to answer, just think about it if you like. In the last 8 months of researching your options what have you come up with? What have you been doing to further yourself in life decision wise?

Say for instance when all of this started you were in college. Are you back in college? A four year degree will go a long way in life.

In fact, you would need one to go into the Peace Corps, as QP JJ_BPK offered.

Did you know that the majority of SF have advanced degrees, both officers and enlisted, and a majority of those have two or three degrees?

It may not get you any job in the military, but is a decision you can make to take responsibility for yourself, and one that will serve your future well.

Just some food for thought.
[QUOTE=SB8734;476078]Thank you, I have come up with a few, but you are right about college. Without the military, I have no money to go back to college, what do you think is the best action I can take? I am 22 years old and most of the scholarships for for high school students I think. Thanks gain.

Thank you, I have come up with a few, but you are right about college. Without the military, I have no money to go back to college, what do you suggest I do? I'm 22 years old and most of the scholarships for for high school students I think. Thanks gain.
"With freedom, anything's possible, without freedom, you're pretty limited"

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