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Just a couple of items for those who have never seen mass cowardice and chaos.

On 9-11 I was in Annapolis Md and my office was in Wash, DC. Part of my responsibility covered air quality and drinking water. Once the Pentagon had been struck the order came to evacuate DC and the Federal gov't everywhere in Maryland and Virginia was shut down. I left Annapolis to go to my office in DC because there were things I believed I knew how to do and could ensure that any further attack was thwarted or damage lessened. It did no good for the following reasons:

Once an event has happened and you know enough factual information to make a good decision so will everyone else. You are unlikely to be the first and only person to know and get a head start on the hordes.

Cell phones were rendered useless because of the massive amount of people trying to use them had the equipment overloaded. Land phones were useless because there was no longer anyone there to take the call.

Roads were clogged and traffic was moving slower than walking speed. Everyone was trying to get out of there. Lines at gas stations were bad because everyone ran low on gas just sitting in traffic idling.

Children in school were released to wander home on their own but now they SIP. You are unlikely to get your children from the school without some level of threat of violence once they SIP. Check with your children's school to see what their policy is.

What I conclude is that a person is already prepared and has a family plan or else they are not. I am not prepared because I live at ground zero and by my personality I am not going to lose sleep over such things.
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When you are talking about outdoor cooking systems, do you mean one of these?

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