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Looking for a mentor in MT

Hello QPs. Im just going to drop this here, since it has to do with me gleaning advice about selection (and more..) if this is the wrong place, just tell me where I should put it
I am a vet from the 82nd. Came to missoula to shed a wife, go to school and cause some good ruckus, but now the time has come*. I had a selection date early on in my career, but for personal reasons I decided to drop the date and get out (to do the aforementioned things). This was a great decision, because I definitely wasn't mature enough at the time (I was 21 when I had the selection date)...

Time has passed (I'm 26 now) and I got the green bug back in my ass. I am working with the recruiters to get back in under the 18x program. I am fairing well enough on my own with PT and using this site for some great information, but it would be a real bennie to have someone who is up here that I could buy a round of double haul and get advice from on occasion. Using this post board is a long shot, I know, but I figured i would try it. If not here under the big sky, then maybe someone I could just talk to on a regular basis. If not, I would just like to say that this site is great and is helping me not too lost in the sauce out here. Thank you!

*Hyperbole is intentional.

Also: the recruiters I am working with know jack shit about 18x and SF... they already are trying to tell me shit that I know for a fact is wrong. Can't trust em.

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