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Corrective Eye Surgery (PRK) and SF

Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of enlisting with an 18xray contract for an opportunity to try out for a slot in SF after Selection. I wear contacts lenses and I would like to proceed with corrective eye surgery (PRK in this case and Not LASIK) out here in the civilian world before transitioning into BT and AIT. I was informed that if I were to immediately proceed with the surgery, a six month waiting period as well as a waiver from my recruiter to MEPS would be strictly required by the US ARMY before considering me for the 18x enlistment contract option. I was also informed that the US Army conducts their own Corrective eye surgery procedures at no cost, after successfully enlisting and a brief waiting period of (6 months to a year) for qualifying soldiers. I would like to avoid having to wear BCG's throughout not only basic but also Airborne School and SFAS due to the fact that there is a likely chance that they may impair my performance and ability to successfully perform certain tasks throughout my development as a soldier.

With that said, my questions to you are as follow:

1) What would occur if I were to enlist and then after being processed through MEPS with contacts, I was to proceed with the PRK surgery within the remaining waiting period ( I believe the general rule is 4 to 6 months) that I was assigned before being shipped off to OSUT?

2) Are BCG's a.k.a "Birth Control Glasses" generally known for impairing soldiers abilities to perform not only complex but also basic tasks throughtout BT and/or SFAS.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you!
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I went all the way thru the training pipeline, Basic to Robin Sage, as an X-ray, wearing BCG. Pain in the ass sometimes, but not a show stopper by any means. I got PRK during language school (we had a four month block of low-intensity time learning our language when I went thru, perfect for eye surgery recovery). The lab there at Bragg is probably one of the most experienced around, and they did a great job, I came out with 20/15. And yes, Mother Army pays for it.

As to your other question: All medical information is self disclosed; if you choose to get it done between MEPS and getting shipped, it's on you to either admit it or deny it. If you choose not to say anything about having got it done, don't grow a conscience half way thru and decide to tell them; a friend of mine did that and it was enough to get him kicked out.

my 2 cents....
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Better get it done right away since you probably couldn't read the e-mail you recieved requesting that your first post be an introduction.
And while you're squinting, fill in your profile. AND look on the second row. . . can you read number 6?

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