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Originally Posted by Old Dog New Trick View Post
On another un-(or is it - un)related topic, summer is almost here for tens of thousands of high school students. Many of which will not return to school next year or make it to college or a first job. You see the number one killer of these kids is these kids and a car of course. You have heard of the “100 Days of Summer” yes? That is where on average 10 teenage kids will die each day in a car crash. Usually fueled by drinking, drug use or speed.

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Summer means increased risk of dying in car crashes for teens


You would think that these youth leaders with their powerful messages on “not one more...” and “enough is enough” do something in Congress message would be protesting in the streets and “marching for our life” to stop under-aged drinking and driving, just say no to drugs, and no one needs 500-Horsepower engines.

Maybe they should go after the car manufacturers and corporations that donate millions and lobby Congress to allow them to keep making cars with the same inadequate safety and fuel ratings and emission standards as twenty years ago or longer.

Surely these kids would be happy with an electric smart car that can detect when they are impaired, or there are more kids in the car than seatbelts, or that the level of the drivers licensing limits allowed by the state for minors (under the age of 21) are being followed (e.g., no underage passengers, no driving between hours of darkness (only under special circumstances as to and from school or place of work), no use of cellular devices (handheld or otherwise), etc...) the car will not operate if it detects another device capable of sending or receiving cellular data and voice transmissions other than the data being collected and sent to parents or city planners by the cars onboard system. Also that these cars can only use SLR technology or GPS to govern speed...because we all know that these signs “Gun Free Zone” and “Drug Free Zone” have worked so well keeping both of those off school campuses.

This is it, until you are 21 years of age this is the only car you can own and drive. It comes with dealer installed options that place steel cages in the font and rear seats reducing the number of passengers allowed. A 5-Point retention seatbelt for each allowable seat space. Breathalyzer and Retina scan ignition technology. It uses only sign recognition technology to detect speed limits, parking restrictions, turn and u-turn restrictions and control lights and signs to move, stop or slow. In the absence of readable signs the vehicle is controlled by GPS and preset limits established by the city (e.g., when not posted the maximum legal speed limit is 25-MPH in the city limits.) The car must also emit an audible sound and visual lighting for deaf and blind persons that cannot be muffled, altered or silenced. No trailer hitch or other devices may be attached to the car to make it more useful or enjoyable. It can be had in any color as long as it is white and has “STUDENT DRIVER” in orange letters stenciled on the front and rear of the car with a visible warning triangle on the roof.

We are a nation of laws and when our laws are not followed horrible and unimaginable acts are sure to happen.

Enough, not one more child should die at the hands of another child! Not in our school parking lots and not on our highways and backroads.

Tell your Senators and Congressional members, your Governors, and your President that you demand action today before one more life is lost. Let’s stop the madness...people under 21 should not be able to buy Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and minivans capable of holding more than one adult passenger.

People have privileges and we as a nation should adopt and adapt to the demands of our children for they know best and have the experience and leadership to show us the right way forward.
Don't forget the Govt needs to collect another $200 for the muffler which you have to wait 6-12 months for. Plus you have to be 21 yo to buy it.

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Old Dog New Trick
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Originally Posted by Combat Diver View Post
Don't forget the Govt needs to collect another $200 for the muffler which you have to wait 6-12 months for. Plus you have to be 21 yo to buy it.

Excellent point!

Yes, and there should a universal background check and questions like have you now or have you ever smoked marijuana or used class III prescription drugs without a prescription?

Have you been judged mentally incapacitated or evaluated by a psychiatrist for depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, bi-polar or schizophrenia?

It’s a privilege to drive a motor vehicle that comes with great responsibility so a few questions similar to those on a 4473 should absolutely apply to being given the keys to something as dangerous as an automobile.
You only live once; live well. Have no regrets when the end happens!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Sir Edmund Burke)
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