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Originally Posted by PSM View Post
Just a hypothetical thought; my son is not pursuing that course. The important thing would be to have a serialized blade in line with his classmates. Kind of like class rings.

I thought you said you would like to buy him one. That option is still available, as of now.

If not, he would need to be an honor graduate, and about 95% of his friends from the course will not have one either, so the sequence of the numbers will not matter.

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Availability of "Y"
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Availability of "Y"

I missed the last iteration of old guy issue. So, I bought one with name and dates.

Wondering if they have started up again or is it still current?

J R sends
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Originally Posted by bushmaster11 View Post
I missed the last iteration of old guy issue. So, I bought one with name and dates.

Wondering if they have started up again or is it still current?

J R sends
Email Roxanne Merritt at the Museum to find out: merrittr@soc.mil
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Originally Posted by MILDOT View Post
Sad news! Just talked to an SF Trooper that graduated from the "Q" Course yesterday. They are no longer issuing the Yarborough Knife to the graduates.

This was a fantastic tradition and I hate to see this way of honoring Luitenant General Yarborough and our troops going away. While I didn't receive one when I graduated I was always happy to see new troopers get one. It was a way of letting the troopers know that they were now a part of the Regiment.

With all the fraud waste and abuse that goes on and the fact that this guys give so much in a time when not all are required to serve, I find the situation very sad.
I'm sad I missed this update. But I will now send a delayed irate letter to Congress.

If anyone has an official source I can quote for the letter, I'd appreciate it.
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In SF back in the 70's and saw this thread. Inquired about the Yarborough Knife and have gotten vetted to receive one. Purchase made! Excited to have this in my possession, as it is one more reason to be proud of the service to my country and have once been a member of the 7th Special Forces Group! DOL.
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