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Originally Posted by Box View Post
I hate to see a frail old woman in pain; in that regard, I wish her a speedy recovery. I do however, hope that her recovery brings with it the realization that she is no longer able to do the job the American people need her to do.

I can imagine all sorts of reason why Lord Ginsburg would stay in her dark robes until her apprentice throws her over the railing and into the death stars reactor shaft; to spite that vile opposition party POTUS; to prevent the pathetic republicans from increasing the number of Supreme court Judges that practice judicial restraint; to preserve the hope that she can hold on until a new POTUS is able to appoint a replacement that embraces judicial activism; or maybe just because she doesn't know what else to do with the rest of her life.

There is no question of her loyalty and commitment to the democrat side of the force. This was the supreme justice that vowed to move to New Zealand if her political opponents assumed power. How dare they underestimate the power of the democrat side of the force. there is no doubt that she can use the force to stay upright and breathing for many years to come, even if she cant stay awake during the State of The Union, or navigate her air conditioned office without breaking bones.

Otherwise, she is an old women that fell down and broke her ribs - broken ribs hurt really bad - so bad. I wish her well and may her healing be as equally swift as her retirement transition.
LOL.....Box is just way too funny.....

I think TS is correct when he says "Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died about ten-twenty years ago, it's just no one has come to claim the body (it's still twitching).......................... but I think the "twitching" part is due to the Democrats pulling those puppet strings attached to her lifeless body.....
"OMG.....I've been played......It's time for me to fly"

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The way things are going RBG could lick the bucket, the D's present that new 30 year old phenom from NY and say it's RBG, the fake news will 100% support it and anybody who disagrees will be all kind of bad names in the press.
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