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Well, we all knew this was going to happen for years. I guess the SWCS night letters didn’t help.
"Жить стало лучше, жить стало веселее"
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tom kelly
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The Second XX (female) Green Beret:

The first was Kate Wilder awarded Special Forces status via a court settlement that stipulated she never serves 1 day in Special Forces... Where is Kate Wilder today?????? WHO CARES...... Does anyone know the name & rank of the XX candidate? It might be of interest to the other soldiers in that assessment and selection class #?. This information is NOT classified because of a class # and photo are published in "The Drop" magazine when they graduate. tom kelly
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Women can and do lots of things but combat?. No.
Unless we have evolved and I have been left behind I cant see why standards should be changed for the most elite icombat force.
It makes no sense.
As a woman I hunt, surf, hike etc but add combat to the mix and my stomach curls up .
Watching my husband get ready to jump all I could think was ...be safe, thank God I"m a female and I'll be here whenever you get back.
Maybe warfare is changing but there must always be a space for the SF or our SAS

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