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Looking for like minded people

Hello all,

It's been a while since I've posted in here. I recently PCS'd from 1SFG (A) at JBLM to DIVARTY here at Fort Bragg. Working in Group made it pretty easy to find people with similar goals and mentality. I'm trying to find the same here, however, my experience in the last few weeks is that people in my current surrounding are either 1. preparing for retirement, 2. getting QMP'd 3. discontent with the Army and ETSing. This doesn't make for good companions when preparing to embark on the journey towards earning a Green Beret. I hope to find some people interested in training for SFAS, or at least share common goals. If this is not an appropriate location for this post, please remove admins.

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Eat lunch and dinner at the SWCS defac until you make some new friends.
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Originally Posted by UofA4161 View Post
Eat lunch and dinner at the SWCS defac until you make some new friends.
LMAO! FWIW - it really is that easy. NTM the practice you get building relationships. And I've been told the chow's not that bad (DV's have been known to eat there on occasion).
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PM'd. I've been looking for a training partner as well. It is taking forever to get in the Army as a prior service Marine with a medical waiver, kind of expected that though.
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