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Rep 63 and RSP (Recruit Sustainment Plan)

The quick and dirty I'll be 35 in October of this year, so I need to ship before then in order to have a shot at SFAS. I have training obligations that I must meet for my new job (I'm a civil servant with the DoD). I'd like to go ahead and enlist and sign my contract so I have my ship date and everything on paper, but I don't know how flexible the RSP will be in the event I can't attend drill between now and my ship date. I'm having a really hard time getting answers from my HR department within the agency on my training requirements and if they must be fulfilled in the same timeframe once I ship.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the RSP that they could share? What does a typical RSP weekend look like, are they flexible in allowing you make up the drill on other dates?

I understand IF I make it though the pipeline that my commitment to the group would take precedence over everything else, I'm just trying to plan a best path forward between now and shipping as to not ruffle feathers with my new agency.
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