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1/3 Lost three in the last few weeks

FYI since it's public knowledge now. Say a prayer for the lost and their families: SFC Riley Stephens, WO1 Joe Schiro, and SSG Justin Marquez.
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We're still hammering out details here on how to make the best of what we have.

New AO, new TTPs.

Miss having you around man, wish you the best though.

RIP Gents

SFC "Angry" JB

"Let the blood of the infantry flow through your veins,or the blood of the infantry will be on your hands."
- GEN John A. Wickham, Jr. speaking on the responsibilities of MI soldiers.

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I know the battalion will send those responsible to their place in Hell. Always has and always will. Pressure, Pursue, Punish.
Every man has three characters: that which he shows, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has.
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Article in our local paper

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My best friend is with 3rd group right now and I haven't heard from him (probably for opsec reasons) but I still can't help but worry.
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RIP 3rd Group Brothers. You are missed. The TS wears their names on his kit as a reminder of what we do and what we give.
I was born for the storm, and a calm does not suit me.
- Andrew Jackson -

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No doubt there is business being taken care of by their team mates.
I wish them happy hunting.

My these men now find solace; their families some element of peace this Chirstmas
Primum non Nocere
"I have hung out in dangerous places a lot over the years, from combat zones to biker bars, and it is the weak, the unaware, or those looking for it, that usually find trouble.

Ain't no one getting out of this world alive. All you can do is try to have some choice in the way you go. Prepare yourself (and your affairs), and when your number is up, die on your feet fighting rather than on your knees. And make the SOBs pay dearly."
The Reaper-3 Sep 04
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