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TF Kilo
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Originally Posted by Odin21 View Post
A question for those medics far more experienced than I- how did the Ranger Medic Handbook packing list come to be? Is there a study behind it? It seems that many of you adamantly disagree and I am inclined to go with your advice over a list in the back of a book. However, if there is this much negative blow back from you guys who obviously know your stuff, I am just wondering who came up with that list and why.
Any packing list in any manual is a basis for planning. Nothing more, nothing less. What I carried as a Ranger Medic varied depending on the mission... more splinting materials and such if we were doing jump coverage, more of this that and the other thing for other mission types.

Not to step on any toes here, but if anyone uses the packing list in the back of the book for anything other than an initial basis to restock their bag IE "THIS IS WHAT IT SHALL HAVE NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS" then a headdesk moment is in order.

Even the medical loadout of Ranger platoons varied depending upon the mission. More distributed assets amongst the platoon means more assets the platoon has, that the medic doesn't have to carrry. 1000cc bag w/ IV kit in a baggie, attached to the ruck frame @ the kidney pad...

As for your molle... Your job is being a medic, and you don't have medical supplies on your person? What happens if your aid bag gets left/ditched/blown the hell up in your absence?

I had 2 SAW pouches to my front packed top to bottom each with "in sequence of use" med gear. 6 mags hung out at my left front, since I am right handed.
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