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Russia putting boots on the ground in Syria

The numbers are small, but Moscow may be looking at it's own version of mission creep in the treacherous Middle East.

I'm sure many could see this coming and are probably wondering why it took so long.

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They must miss their base in Tartus.
"All that is thought should not be said, all that is said should not be written, all that is written should not be published, all that is published should not be read."
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"One report has even alleged that Russian pilots are gearing up to fly missions alongside the Syrian air force, dropping bombs not just on ISIS but on anti-Assad rebels who may or may not be aligned with the United States or its regional allies".

Yeah the article must be referring to the "Moderate Extremists" that the US State Dept is so eager to arm train and support. Because that's really worked out great so far.
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