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Middle East Relationships, Explained Through An Interactive Map

This map looks interesting, but I can’t really verify the accuracy and I don’t usually agree with this site.


Trying to understand the complexities of Middle East politics can seem like an impenetrable task and the tangled and changing relations between governments and groups in the region are a common subject of discussion. What's more, instead of clarifying the chaos, maps or charts that break down the various conflicts and alliances often merely prove how absurdly complex the situation really is.
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Israel/US relations are not nearly as sunny as that chart depicts. "Strained" is closer to the truth, when US officials say stuff like this:

Senior WH official calls Israel's PM "chickenshit":

... and ...

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki says "throwing molotov cocktails at traffic is not terrorism":

... and ...

John Kerry (with EU support) threatens Israel with boycotts:

... and do things like this (in the middle of last summer's Operation Protective Edge, no less) ...

Obama blocks missile delivery to Israel during wartime:

Google results for "Israel John Kerry go away":


As for Israel and the EU... don't make me laugh:

Israel recalls its ambassador to Sweden:

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