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Got to admit, SC looks to be finding his stride.

infsoldier - You forgot SFUWO; that's a great one for "destroying". PT studmuffins fall all over themselves just to get in the pool (or out of it as the case may be).

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Just introducing myself. 25 year old white male
Do you have any idea what they do to White Guys out there.
Sounds like a s#*t sandwhich, but I'll fight anyone, I'm in.
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Originally Posted by NousDefionsDoc

So, I wonder how he likes us so far?
I think you all are being a little too harsh with the lad, perhaps a little mentoring would go further. As he has shown a predeliction of shooting himself in the foot, perhaps he might accept a recommendation that he wears kevlar socks to sniper training. Don't want him having to hobble along through Ranger School
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