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Ron Worthey, Fake Green Beret and Fraud

Here we present Ron Worthey, Fake Green Beret and Fraud.

Ron Worthey, Fake Green Beret was the president of Souls of Honor MC. Some of those that rode with the club had questions about his claims. They reached out to us and it turns out, their spidey senses were correct.

Ron had claimed to have been a Green Beret, to have served in Vietnam for 3 solid years, 67, 68, and 69. He claimed to have been a recipient of the Silver Star and 3 Purple Hearts. He also claimed combat related PTSD.


We received his records included below and it seems if he does have PTSD, it's because of the heavy strain of his lie. Per records, he was a Seaman for under 2 years and never left the States.

We made contact with Ron Worthey, Fake Green Beret and were able to get his phone confession in this link http://guardiansofthegreenberet.com/...-green-beret-2 along with more pictures.

After the article ran, many in his MC reached out again as he was heard in the phone call to have only started claiming the PH a few months ago. Yet another lie by Ron. We clearly see pictures of him in the link above from years ago with the PH on his hat. His MC club said he had claimed SS and PH for years. I the picture below showing his "Quilt of Valor", you can see Vietnam Green Beret, Recipient of the Silver Star, and 3 PH's. That picture was dated 2016.

Once we ran the article, Ch 9 reached out and ran with it locally. They added a little local history in their new cast that can be found here http://www.waow.com/story/38187713/2...military-fraud

Ron told the news crew we were bad people (LOL) and some of what we said is false. Hmmm, we said:

Ron Wortel, you were NEVER a Green Beret.
You NEVER served in Vietnam for 3 years.
You NEVER received the Silver Star.
You NEVER received any Purple Hearts
You DON'T have PTSD unless it's because of stress, as a result of the heavy load of carrying your lie.
All True.

Ron, get rid of your Fake Green Beret you wear and all the other fake SF swag.
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Lo, there do I see my father. 
Lo, there do I see my mother, and my sister and my brother. 
Lo, there do I see the line of my people
 back to the beginning.
 Lo, they do call to me.
 They bid me take my place among them
 in the halls of Valhalla
 where the brave may live forever.

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What a pathetic loser.

Get a life idiot.
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