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Game of Thrones Explained Poorly

Game of Thrones Explained Poorly

Much of the story centers around Daenerys Targaryen ("Dany"), and here is some of her story arc.

Dany is a typical modern western woman.
She was raised on Disney princess films and expects to rule others and get what she wants.

Dany was an attractive young woman and this was leveraged to further her family's business interests.
Her first love was the ultimate bad boy, who was the head of a notorious, but powerful, motorcycle gang.

Being such an attractive young woman, she quickly acquired the affection of a devoted beta orbiter, Ser Friend Zone.
This was a smart move because bad boys are are quite unreliable and while they are fun and exciting, it's always wise to have a backup ready to swoop in and rescue you.

Dany felt kind of powerless in her relationship and wanted to rein in her bad boy, so she sought the council of slut experienced in manipulating men.
It worked like a charm, and she started to gain some control over her bad boy.

Things didn't work out with the bad boy, because they never do.
Dany assumed her life was over and was ready to wreck everything, despite the fact that others were depending on her.

Even though she tried to wreck it all, things still worked out for her because the rules don't apply to attractive young women.
Ser Friend Zone becomes yet even more devoted to her and swoops in for the rescue like a good beta orbiter.

Dany decides to focus on her career and get everything she was promised in those Disney movies.
She decides to forgo having children and gives her attention to her fur babies instead.

Dany starts climbing the corporate ladder and gets ready for her first big move.
She makes a deal and then burns the other party.

Now Dany has some power and continues to leverage it to gain more power.
She acquires more beta orbiters and is looking to find herself another bad boy.

Dany is enjoying be being a strong, independent woman who don't need no man.
But, she misses the thrills of the bad boy, and starts a fling with a former MMA fighter, openly in front of Ser Friend Zone.

Ser Friend Zone and her just aren't "clicking" anymore.
She acquires a much more competent chief beta orbiter, so she kicks Ser Friend Zone to the curb.

Dany eventually starts running her company into the ground.
Her new chief beta orbiter ends up losing everything trying to save the company.

Ser Friend Zone comes groveling back but Dany doesn't need him, because she has plenty of beta orbiters now but she keeps the new beta orbiter that Ser Friend Zone brought with him, because this one seems really smart, even though he is kind of short.
Her company is about to go under, and she will lose everything, but her herd of beta orbiters (including an ever-devoted Ser Friend Zone) save her.

Dany needs some time to find herself and goes back to the partying life of her younger years and falls in with another biker gang.
She tries to leverage her former relationship with her first bad boy, and the current bad boys give her some token respect.

Dany wants more power in the situation, and does what it takes to get it.
With the help of Ser Friend Zone and her new MMA bad boy, and with the knowledge that the rules don't apply to attractive young women, she takes over the motorcycle gang.

The smart beta orbiter was left behind to run the company and he's barely holding it together, fending off a hostile takeover.
Dany returns, feeling entitled, and helps to get things back in order.

Dany realizes that Ser Friend Zone actually loves her, and he is a good man, but his heart is hardening.
She loves him, but is not "in love" with him, and wants him to return if his heart ever softens again.

Dany partners with an actual strong, independent woman who built her company on competence, rather than her looks and manipulation.
With the combined resources of the companies and the biker gang, they decide to pursue a new venture, and she leaves the shell of the old company to be run by her MMA bad boy, who she kicks to the curb.

Dany is now experienced and ruthless in the corporate world.
Her success is almost guaranteed.

Dany meets another executive, and wants to buy him out, but he's not so sure.
She needs his company, and she wants him...he's such a brooding bad boy, a competent executive, high status, and a good man...the whole package.

Right on cue, Ser Friend Zone comes back into her life, his heart has softened.
She gladly takes him back, but has clear designs on her brooding bad boy.

Dany is starting to get nervous now, she's older, her looks are fading, and before long she'll be hitting the wall.
She's no spring chicken anymore, winter is coming.

Dany starts a relationship with the brooding bad boy, and they go all in for their new risky venture.
The venture gets her into deep trouble, but Ser Friend Zone goes full-on captain save-a-ho and rescues her again, and it costs him everything.

Fortunately, the venture is saved due to the extreme competence of the brooding bad boy's family.
But Dany won't be satisfied until she's the most powerful woman around, and there's one bitch in her way.

Negotiations in the final business deal fail, so there will have to be a hostile takeover.
To make matters worse, Dany is having personal problems.

The brooding bad boy is now her boyfriend, but he won't marry her.
He knows crazy when he sees it, as his last girlfriend was a redhead.

Two of her fur babies have died.
She doesn't have many friends left, since being a strong, independent woman is hard on friendships.

Most of her employees don't like her very much.
Her own board is considering having her removed as CEO, and want to hire her boyfriend.

On top of it all, everyone loves her boyfriend, and he is super popular.
It's not fair...there's just no way for a woman to get ahead.

But, she'll get show her competence during the hostile takeover.
However, the takeover was quick and easy, and she never got to show off her skill set.

Now she's the most powerful woman around, but nobody respects her.
Enraged, she fires everyone.

To be continued...
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Make a decision, and then make it the right one through your actions.
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You forgot to add the part where her "mean-girls" fan-club blames Donald Trump's greed and misogyny for all of her problems...
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Thanks....glad I haven't wasted 8 seasons of my life watching.
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She is definitely a poster child for the Hot Crazy Matrix.
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Originally Posted by bblhead672 View Post
Thanks....glad I haven't wasted 8 seasons of my life watching.
Ah, yep...agreed!
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Game of Thrones:

When is Dany going to announce her candidacy for the Dimocrat Party's ticket to the TOP?
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