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Arnout “Alex’ Vanderheide, SF Poser and fraud Level 10!

We include 2 videos in this outing. The paper refuses to print a correction and the VFW that he was a member of wants it swept under the rug

1st Video is pics/proof he's a turdworking on a better source for background music)


2nd Video is his full confession that he never served.


In the 2nd video he said he never took advantage of the $50,000 scholarship he received based on his claims and on a follow up phone call and talking with the school, he admitted he did indeed go, yet dropped out.

We present First Sergeant Arnout “Alex’ Vanderheide, Retired of Hays, North Carolina, who claims to be a Special Forces First Sergeant assigned to USASOC. He has made claims of being assigned to the 1/10 Special Forces Group in Bad Toelz, Germany, 1/7 Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg,NC, 3/7 Special Forces Group in Panama, and insinuated he served in SFOD-D. So we attempted to verify his service with a group of 4500+ Special Forces soldiers and not one had any knowledge of Vanderheide. On his entry on the VetFriends website, Vanderheide claims to have served from 1997-2014, listing his rank as 1SG E-8. He claims USASOC as his unit. Many of the photos in this post, show Vanderheide in military uniform and VFW garb displaying all of his unearned awards, decorations, and badges.

In an article published in the Wilkes County, NC newspaper, The Record, titled Veteran suicide awareness promoted, dated December 16, 2015, Vanderheide's service is discussed as well as his being the state designated recruiter for VFW Post 1142. In the article, Vanderheide discusses the brotherhood. Vanderheide is quoted "Eventually it will catch up with you. It always does. You've probably heard that from others. And you never know when it's gonna hit you." The article then lists Vanderheide's service in Afghanistan, Iraq, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Somalia, Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Panama.

Like so many Posers, Vanderheide was able to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars, serving in Post 1142. We spoke to the commander of VFW Post 1142 located in North Wilkesboro, NC. He stated that Vanderheide was no longer a member of that post. We also spoke with the Commander of NC VFW District 15. We spoke with the Commander of VFW Post 7034 in Sparta, NC who told me Vanderheide attempted to transfer but was not accepted as he could not provide a DD Form 214 discharge document.

We have been unable to ascertain how Vanderheide was initially verified for membership in the VFW. The District 15 commander also verified that Vanderheide is on the NC VFW color guard and serves as a state recruiter for the VFW. Pretty good for someone who never served in the military. We also spoke to the State Commander of the NCVFW about Vanderheide's claims and the fact that he served as the State Recruiter for the VFW. No one at the VFW has confirmed how Vanderheide was initially verified for membership in the VFW.

In his role as a member of the NC VFW Color Guard, he actually presented folded flags to real veteran's next of kin at funerals. As a member of the color guard and bugler, Vanderheide most certainly represented the VFW at many funerals of true veterans more than once. It is hard to believe anyone could present themselves as a highly decorated veteran in the time of grief for so many families.

The photo of Vanderheide in his Class A dress greens makes it hard to view all of the badges, decorations, and awards but one can make out the ribbons for the Distinqished Service Medal, the Silver Star Medal, the Purple Heart Medal, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, Master Parachtist Badge, Master Military Freefall Badge, Combat Divers Badge, Special Forces Tab, and Ranger Tab.

Our next step was to request Vanderheide's military records. We soon had our answer, as there is no record of Vanderheide ever having served in the military.

On February 28, 2017, we spoke with Vanderheide. Our investigator identified myself as a retired Special Forces Officer and wanted to discuss his service. He asked him about the information in his Vet Friends account which stated he had served from 1997-2014 and listed his rank as 1SG E-8 assigned to USASOC. As is often the case, Alex denied that was him. So he told him we had requested his military records under the Freedom of Information Act from the NPRC and had the response in his hand. He then told him his DOB and last four of his SSAN and asked if that was his correct information. Alex verified it was correct. He told him there was no record of his ever serving in the military and also that we had a photo of him in the Army Dress Green uniform wearing at a minimum the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, Master Parachutist Badge, Master Military Freefall Parachutist Badge, Combat Divers Badge, Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab, USASOC unit patch. He asked him again and Alex admitted to the lie saying he made a big mistake. Our investigator also brought up the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 and the fact that Alex received a $50,000 scholarship from the University of Phoenix and Country Music Television.

In 2007, apparently Vanderheide and his wife submitted Vanderheide as an entrant for the University of Phoenix/Country Music Television contest to be named their volunteer of the year. Vanderheide won and the award came with it, a $50,000 scholarship. This was in the local newspaper

About his $50K scholarship.

Another one on his scholarship.

In our conversation on March 1, 2017, Alex Vanderheide stated that although he won the scholarship, he never accepted it.. So we contacted the University of Phoenix on March 1, 2017 about the scholarship and they stated we needed a signed and dated release from Vanderheide to obtain the information. We called Vanderheide and he agreed to sign a release, so out investigator typed it up and mailed it to him. During this conversation, Vanderheide admitted he actually did start taking courses from the University of Phoenix using the scholarship.

So he never served, let alone earned anything he displays on his uniform. All of our information concerning Vanderheide was shared with the local newspaper, The Record of North Wilkesboro,

The editor initially asked to have an exclusive on this story. However, we were told the Commander of VFW Post 1142 asked them not to publish the story as it would make the VFW post look bad. The Record decided to withhold the story even though they had published many stories in the past concerning all of the lies about Vanderheide's military career. It is obvious that neither the VFW nor the local media performed due diligence concerning the claims of Mr. Vanderheide. We have forwarded the story and documentation to the other local news paper, The Journal Patriot in Wilkes County, NC and The Fayetteville Observer in Fayetteville, NC.
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Good work

Good work Buckbill.
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Arnout “Alex’ Vanderheide...lying POS.
Arnout “Alex’ Vanderheide....fraud.
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