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The Caveman
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Grew up in the greater Los Angeles area all my life, no traveling, less appealing neighborhood. Household took a blow to finances causing me to never enroll past 4th grade.

Always wanted to be in the military, but not just be military, to contribute. Far too many men and women sacrifice the entirety of their time and effort to their cause for me to do less.

After the arduous task of overcoming my aforementioned educational barriers I enlisted at the age of 20 years young under an active duty 14T contract of which I currently still serve out of Ft. Bliss.

Actually got back from my second SFAS attempt a couple months ago of which I was dropped for failing to find enough points during the Star Course and subsequently received an NTR (SFAS) as I've been told only two attempts is the new enlisted policy. Both attempts are the defining experiences of my military career so far. If there is anyone from class 10-17 around I'd love to touch base.

Actually highly interested now in taking up a support role in a SFG as the desire to contribute and level of inspiration drawn from the community has not waned. Currently looking into A/5th/19th as I asked the NG/AR recruiter to look into openings and it appears an opportunity is present, I will continue researching, and insight however blunt is welcomed.

Thank you all for having me.
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ron swanson
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ARNG medical student hoping to work with the teams in some capacity. Would love to go 18a if I would be competitive. A little older than most so I'm just trying to get/stay in the right shape through graduation and residency. Will start communicating with the requisite recruiters soon as I understand getting processed can take some time.
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I am proud and honored to be a team member of the SOCOM community. Legacy is tradition and I apologize for not introducing myself. I found this site so that we as brothers can collectively discuss issues and topics. As of now I am about to end my long road of travel from active duty... It has been an honor and privilege to serve with you my brothers in arms. Now currently wounded, I must surrender my bouncer to the depths of my locker.. lay down my guns, and mentally prepare for the transition of my life back to the rigors of society.... looking forward to chatting with you all.
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