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Chosin Reservoir
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Chosin Reservoir

I realize this isn't exactly an UWOA briefback however out of this event did come some UWOA warriors.
While at Ft Bragg I crossed paths with a Mr. Foxworth who was Army at Chosin. My understanding he was a 10th SFG Plank Holder asked to stand up the unit at it's inception. No doubt he was a tough individual, when I meet him has was battling cancer and had no upper palate...that didn't seem to slow him down a bit. I think of him and his kindness often. While I had heard of the Chosin Reservoir I had never followed the Korean Conflict much.

A startling portrayal of that battle...Note it is nearly two hours in length.
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By Dand

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I had a friend that was a WWII vet. He drove a cat on Okinawa burying the Japaneses soldiers alive on the caves as they fought. After wards they went to China to disarm the Japanese and got into a lot of battles with the Chinese Communists. I have never read anyplace about their battles just Jays stories.

When discharged he became a cop in Eureka CA. While on duty one day he seen a Marine from his old outfit in uniform. He pulled over to talk to him. He told Jay that he was the only one left of the old unit. They had been activated or stayed in and sent to Korea and fought in the Chosen battle and he was the only survivor of his unit. One hell of a fight.

Jay is dead now along with most of his generation. I was lucky and honored to know him and through him meeting several WWII vets including William "Bill" Nellest of the Alamo Scouts. I wish I had asked and recored the stories of those guys. Many of them lost to history now.
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