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Rep 63 and RSP (Recruit Sustainment Plan)

The quick and dirty I'll be 35 in October of this year, so I need to ship before then in order to have a shot at SFAS. I have training obligations that I must meet for my new job (I'm a civil servant with the DoD). I'd like to go ahead and enlist and sign my contract so I have my ship date and everything on paper, but I don't know how flexible the RSP will be in the event I can't attend drill between now and my ship date. I'm having a really hard time getting answers from my HR department within the agency on my training requirements and if they must be fulfilled in the same timeframe once I ship.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the RSP that they could share? What does a typical RSP weekend look like, are they flexible in allowing you make up the drill on other dates?

I understand IF I make it though the pipeline that my commitment to the group would take precedence over everything else, I'm just trying to plan a best path forward between now and shipping as to not ruffle feathers with my new agency.
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Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd follow on this one since the information is somewhat relevant.

Just got off the phone with my recruiter (one day away from going to MEPS to sign my contract) and he tells me that MEPS says I'm too old for 18x/Rep63 contract with the National Guard. I kindly inform him that the age is 35 and MEPS doesn't know what they are talking about. I send him links to http://specialforcesrecruiter.com/ and other resources that clearly state the age is 35.

My recruiter tells me that I will just need to enlist as an 11B and that upon return I'll get a shot at SFAS. I know that isn't the case, but I'm a little irritated that my recruiter doesn't know this, or that he is just trying to fill a 11b slot for another NG unit.

Either way if the pipeline isn't in my contract I'm not signing it. Am I wrong in this assessment?
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Hello Agenlank,

I might have misunderstood your first post but, yes you need to enlist on or before your 35th birthday, however you DO NOT need to ship by your 35th birthday.
Things may have changed but you can generally delay your shipping date possibly even up to a year. I think the Guard has a kind of DEP (delayed entry program) similar to the active side. Not sure if this helps.

RE: Your second post
Firstly, if it helps and YMMV, but different states approach the SF pipeline differently, as a rule they either enlist you to the SF unit and you go either straight through the pipeline or a broken up version.
Or, they enlist you as a base MOS (11B, 68W, etc) in a non SF unit in state, and you are "lent" to the SF unit. Makes for easier paperwork if you fail.
And, again they might approach it from a straight through the pipeline model, or a broken-up pipeline model.
It helps to understand how your state approaches things.

Next, it's possible there are currently no open slots for 18 series IET. On the active side you can simple ask that they call the Rock and open up a slot for a later date.
I imagine it's similar for the Guard.

Also, Unless things have changed, you could drop your 18 packet whenever you want to, so the 11B only route isn't necessarily a game stopper.
But yes, I would agree it's wise to get the 18 in your contract. You currently have the leverage, they need you, use that respectfully and wisely.

Lastly, often the local State SF unit, has an attached or pet recruiter, who knows the ins and outs of 18 packets far better.
Have you called the local unit directly?


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If you go the REP63 route plan on being gone for a long time. Looking back enlisting with a different MOS and getting an SFAS slot through the SFRE would probably have been the way to go. I left for basic with the REP63 contract in Sep of 2017 and I am just now starting the Q, and my situation is not far off from the norm timewise. That being said there is some restructuring going on right now that is supposed to streamline your time here.
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Thank you for your insight and suggestion. I understand that I'll be gone for a long time for initial training, but if I may ask was there long hold overs for you or were you ever recycled? I ask because I can look in ATTRS and see how long classes are and when they are offered and your timeline seems a bit long.

I don't want to risk not getting the chance to go to SFAS so I'd rather have it in my contract from the start. I've never heard good experiences from people who tried to get a shot after getting to a unit.

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UPDATE: After stressing to my recruiter that I wanted the "pipeline" in my contract he finally did his due diligence and spoke with the 20th group. They provided him a LOA (Letter of Acceptance for me supplying a UIC, PARA/LN, and MOS 18E,. Recruiter stated that I'll have all of these things in my contract. I had attended a one day SFRE back in the fall where they gave me a PT test, and we did an unknown distance ruck with 50 pounds dry and a rifle. I was the only non-prior service person there, and I would estimate it was about 10ish miles.

With that said I'm planning to go up next Thursday to MEPS to swear in and get my contract.

I realize that nothing but the opportunity is guaranteed, so in the meantime before shipping to OSUT I'm going to work diligently on my core strength and upper body strength.

My hope is that OSUT will provide lots of opportunity to gain and maintain strength.
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