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Question about Frequency and Deployment Rotations

I have a question about the current activity levels of NG teams, specifically those in 20th. In attempts to locate such information on the web, Ive stumbled upon posts from various individuals on several websites. These posts assert that NG SF teams are deploying every year or so and that yearly FTX's transform from 2 weeks into 7 or 8. Im in a personal struggle right now between the Guard and Active Duty, however, if teams are gone so much in the NG that it becomes difficult or infeasible to balance a civilian career, it would seem to make more sense to try the active route. Any light that you may be able to shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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We don't discuss OPTEMPO (that means deployment stats) on PS.com. You'll have to find someone willing to violate security and have a private conversation with them. Then we have a twofer we can crush. Makes for great entertainment for the folks who have to investigate/validate security clearances.
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