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Originally Posted by Last hard class View Post
Thanks guys!
6 hour flight delay today and was feeling a little crabby. This thread is therapeutic.

Over and out

All for you brother, all for you.
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"Over and Out" ought to be the user handle assigned after forum banning.
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From stitches' intro:
...we did look at the 18 x-ray but I couldn't do it because there was some stuff in my background from a few years ago (total BS btw). apparently though you can go to 11 bravo boot camp and make the switch there so that's the plan.

I had some more questions about getting from there to CAG (Delta force) but the recruiter didn't seem to know much about that so it was back to research!...
The average recruiter knows as much about Delta (or Special Forces) as most people know about being an astronaut. All they have are the recruiting regulations and MOS quota screens in front of them.

As you finally managed to post an intro (and have indicated a desire to go Infantry), you should consider getting your butt into the 75th Infantry Regiment. That's the very best place for someone with your goals (SF and/or Delta). Serving as a Ranger in one of the Battalions is superb preparation and useful experience for trying out for the other two. 75th is the finest infantry formation in the US military. Period. Light years ahead of and significantly tougher than elsewhere. That includes the USMC, 82nd Airborne, etc. It's also arguably the most difficult such formation to join. They weed out the stupid, the braggarts, and the weak.

If you manage to pass RASP and successfully serve in the Ranger Regiment, you'll be more than adequately prepared for attending future Selection Courses. As well, with such a tour under your belt, you'll be plugged in to EXACTLY what is required to take the next step toward Delta (or SF). Many from both organizations started out in the Rangers.

If you are half the hard charger you think you are, becoming a Tabbed & Scrolled Airborne Ranger 11B NCO should be your initial enlistment goal. That achievement will definitely redefine your concept of "extreme sports". And set you up for success in the greater US SOF community.

If, as I suspect, you need a legal waiver to join the Army, a Ranger Enlistment Contract (Option 40) may not be on your immediate horizon either. For the same reason that you can't meet Army SF 18X prerequisites. But ask your recruiter anyway. If you do meet the requirements, don't take no for answer. He may not have a slot open now... but he will later. Or go see another recruiter. Recruiters sometimes act as if they don't need you. They do. Their job is to get laid (recruit & ship enlistees). Your job is to be coy and keep your legs crossed (don't sign a contract) until presented with the exact engagement ring you picked out. Otherwise, you're just giving up your ass to the Army for free. It's a dance. Don't burn any bridges with your recruiter, but don't be in a rush to join up this week either. You can afford to wait until they offer what you want.

After your meeting with that first recruiter, I'm sure you now see that actions in the dim past have consequences further down the road. Life is like that. Keep your nose clean in the future. If you need to get something expunged from your juvenile record, work an extra job until you can afford an attorney to accomplish that. It'd be worth the investment.

(BTW: Another reason not to talk stupid smack on the internet. Posts are forever and SOF is a small world. Additionally, social media & forums are bad places to hang out your attitude or dirty laundry when you need a future security clearance.)

Don't go into the Army dumb. Aggressively chase down every assignment you seek and don't settle for a hazy future. It's not enough to "go 11B". Get assigned to a specific unit. Specific schooling. Make it happen. Grab that bull by the horns and steer it where you want to go. That's the hallmark of future SOF types.

How old are you? (Don't worry, I ain't going to call you "sonny" or "junior".) But it helps to understand your age/life experience when offering career advice about SF. Teens? Twenties? Thirties? Spouse? Kids? Student? Worker? Educational level?

People here will help folks with a true desire to join SF. If you have it, it will show in how you articulate your vision. If it's from the heart (and brain), the QPs here will respond with useful information and advice for a guy showing that he wants it.

Hey, that reminds me...

Did you do those fucking push ups? I thought not. You're still behind the power curve.

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Originally Posted by miclo18d View Post
Either way, let him do it on SOCNET.
Best response so far
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Originally Posted by Box View Post
Don't let these grouchy old bastards deter you. You are a young man with plenty to offer and most of these old guys haven't seen action since the Battle of Thermopylae.

They all mean well, they are just trying to recapture their youth - they live vicariously through guys like you and me - we've still got plenty of youth and energy, while most of these old dawgs rely on 'blue-pills' and 'vitamin-M' just to get through the day.
I think you mean Special K and Caffeine.
"Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it.”

"Robert A. Heinlein"
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Originally Posted by blue02hd View Post
The Troll-Fu is strong with this one.

He has upper middle management written all over him.
Damn did he say he was trying to use us to get to the best unit in the nation what was it called again???must be really really secret holy smoke why didn't I think of that...........oh yeah I wasn't good enough no wait I wasn't interested I can't remember so I settled for Special Forces.......my dad always called me an underachiever I guess he was right........I guess if he sucks he too can be just a Green Beret.....If I had only known I am over 20 so I guess this info didn't get to me stat enough
“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” –Rudyard Kipling, The Law of the Jungle, The Jungle Book.

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SNIP> he was a pretty good and said he could tell I had real potential but I had to go to the army 1st. we did look at the 18 x-ray but I couldn't do it because there was some stuff in my background from a few years ago (total BS btw). apparently though you can go to 11 bravo boot camp and make the switch there so that's the plan.
I had some more questions about getting from there to CAG (Delta force)<SNIP

Interesting thread. It shows how laid back I was by not always looking 3 steps ahead for advancement, or even one step ahead. The military needs some hard chargers as well as the laid back ones. I love the "best of the best of the best". Wish I would have thought of that.
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This is a wasted thread. The troll who started it hasn't posted since.
"Were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag, puke, piece 'o shit, Private Pyle, or did you have to work at it?" - GySgt Hartman
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Originally Posted by sinjefe View Post
The troll who started it hasn't posted since.
...of course not

He got the info he needed and has gone into deep cover. His record in iPerms is now SO secret that it probably shows his with an Army Band MOS, no schools, and an expired confidential clearance.

I suspect we may never hear from him again now that he has drifted into the shadows.
Opinions stated in this post are solely those of the author, and in no way reflect the opinions or policies of The Department of Defense, The United States Army, or The 1st Special Forces Regiment. These opinions are provided purely as social commentary and are not meant to be used for mission planning or navigation.

...Hillary Klint0n is NOT my president

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