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Why are all the middle aged white men stupid?

This is starting to chap my butt...

I'm sure somewhere there's a Madison Avenue Dictionary of Dumb Bastards, or an Illinois Politically Correct Compendium, or a Foreign Relations Council List of Fishbrained Idiots, (you get the idea), but it seems whenever I watch a commercial on TV or in a magazine middle aged white men are depicted as dumber than a bag of plant food. Maybe I'm getting paranoid in my garrulous years. If so, fine. I welcome being the way I finally am. Here's the hierarchy of 20, from smart to dumbbell, IMHO:

20. Old black women
19. Young black women
18. Black children
17. Asian children
16. Hispanic children
15. Hispanic women
14. Asian women
13. Asian men
12. Old black men
11. Young black men
10. White female children
9. White male children
8. Old white women
7. Young white women
6. Cat
5. Dog
4. Old white men
3. Young white men
2. Bag of plant food
1. Middle aged white men

I challenge you to find a commercial in which a middle aged white man is depicted as intelligent. Any takers?
"Do not go gentle into that good night..."
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Originally Posted by LarryW View Post
I challenge you to find a commercial in which a middle aged white man is depicted as intelligent. Any takers?
Smilin' Bob

seems to have his stuff together.
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And this should go in the SoapBox forums because?

You decided this is good reading for our forums because?

military.com has thousands of posts like this one every day... they are irrelevant to most discussions.

Find better material or do more reading and less posting.

Team Sergeant
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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