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Why don't soldiers use bulletproof shield when charging?

War is merciless, and any bullet can take away the life of a soldier. Over the years, in response to the threat of guns, soldiers have turned to various bullet-proof products, such as bullet-proof body armors, ballistic helmets, hard armor plates and so on. However, also as one of bulletproof products, ballistic shields are rarely used by solders in charging on the battlefield.
Different from hard armor plates and bulletproof vests, ballistic shields are large-scale bulletproof equipment with larger protection area and weight, which can provide more comprehensive protection for users. But the early shields were all made of pure metal, whose big density limited their thickness and area. Such shields all have lower defense levels and can only withstand some debris from explosions. Later, the emergence and application of bullet-proof steel improved the shield's protective capability, enabling it to withstand some long-range bullet attack.
With the development and application of new materials, some ballistic shields made of high-performance and lightweight materials have emerged, such as PE shields and Kevlar shields. The application of those high-performance materials has greatly improved the protective capability of ballistic shields while reducing their weight. Even so, the weight of an ordinary NIJ IIIA ballistic shield on the market is up to 6.5 kilograms, which is already too heavy to be hold by ordinary people for walking fast and flexibly. In more intense and complex battles, which are full of bullets and bombs, flexibility is the first thing for soldiers to save themselves, so the shield is not a good choice in such situations, though they can provide a larger protective area. In addition, the bullet shield can only resist bullets from one direction, and cannot provide users with all-round protection, so we should ensure our own operational flexibility, give full play to combat skills in attack and defense. Speaking of this, many people may have a misunderstanding that ballistic shields are useless and will only cause inconvenience for us in the course of combat. But this is not the case. Whether the bullet-proof shield can play an effective role depends on the combat situation. For example, in some simple combat situations, such as special police hunting suspects, resisting external invasion and so on, enemy attack is all concentrated in a certain direction, when ballistic shields can play a very good role. Users can use the shield as a good cover, observe the combat situation through the special designed bulletproof glass speculum, and shoot through the shooting hole on the shield.
Since ballistic shields are too heavy to carry with, people have developed some ballistic shield carrying trollies. Putting shields on those trollies, soldiers are able to carry them easily. To cope with complex terrains, people have also developed ladder shields which can be transformed into a ladder to facilitate the users’ climbing in battle. In a word, shields are constantly being updated and upgraded on the way to be more practical and convenient.
Above is all the clarification for Kevlar. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.
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