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Steel Targets

First of all, a big "Hello" to everyone. Our training tempo has been very high recently and I haven't been around a lot to participate in the forum.

Well, of course, we'll be going down "south" soon and we've been throwing around the idea of purchasing steel targets down there as I've been told they are cheaper there than here. Provided that we give the manufacturer the right design specs, WHAT KIND OF STEEL AM I LOOKING FOR? I don't want pieces of a 9mm round coming back at us later on from using the wrong steel. Thanks in advance.

Also, as a side note, a really close friend just took command of a recruiting company in NYC. He just finished a command in Korea and wanted to stabilize the family. Anyway, he is in charge of 6 stations. I wanted to tell him to guide his potential SF Candidates to this site. But, I didn't want to do it without permission. So I'm asking (TR? TS?). If there is anything I should suggest to him (ideas) let me know. Is SORC working with the regular recruting stations in as far as the 18X program? From what I saw in NYC (I was there for 4 days), they didn't have any SF types in recruiting.

Also, I'll be in yet another course for the next few weeks, so I'll be slow to respond. God Bless you all!

PS - Got my membership card to the SF Association last week ... Chapter 1-18!
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Welcome back, good to hear from you again.

You are going to want a hardened steel, like AR-500, but it is more expensive. Splashback is normally the result of shooting too close for the shooter-target angle, or from targets which have been "shot up" and have too many surface imperfections. Rounds then catch on the edges or the craters and deflect in unpredictable directions. Blackwater is making a LOT of target arrays, you might look at their website for additional info.

I see no problem with inviting 18Xs here, that would seem to be one of the purposes of the site.

SFA is a good organization.

Good luck with your course.

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