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What to do with yourself after you're dead
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What to do with yourself after you're dead

Ok, not exactly comedy and very bizarre.


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Originally Posted by mojaveman View Post
Ok, not exactly comedy but very bizarre and morbid.

Some interesting imaginations.
I told my wife I want to be laid in a coffin with my head turned and eyes wide open facing the morbid viewers...
Oh no honey, I swear. The horns are only there to hold up my halo.

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I like the concept but pretty sure Scarlet Johannson is not going to honor my request
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That is grotesque crap....people have no class it seems...
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We have an unattached extra 5 acres that we bought to make sure we didn't have neighbors. I'm thinking about turning it into a family cemetery (no problem in AZ). My wife's parents' ashes are still with her brother. Plus, we have two, soon to be three, dog's ashes as well. The property has a nice view.
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