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Field Pistols

I am now in the market for a new sidearm to carry for wilderness protection (mountain lions, bear, javelinas, wolves) and I come to the great sages for advice.

I hunt and fish in AZ mostly but travel around the US camping and generally exploring anyplace I can get my BMW GS. I use my bike for scouting, camping, and this year I intend to pack out a deer on it. Travelling offroad by large displacement bike is slightly difficult and every once in a while I end up on the ground. My concern is that with a revolver, which would be my first choice, would cave in my chest if I landed on the cylinder during an accident.

I have considered semi autos for this purpose and Sig's new P220 10mm has me really looking hard. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice in this department?

- Pistol will be chest mounted so it can go over jackets, or life jackets
- Corrosion resistance and functionality when wet is critical (I usually go from bike to packraft and lots of mud/water)
- I would also like to use the pistol to hunt javelinas
- I am willing to spend the coin to buy once

I appreciate any help.
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I'll give you two options. Ruger Super Redhawk http://www.ruger.com/products/superR...DE/models.html or a S&W 629 http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/w...layErrorView_Y. either would give you the option of .44Mag or .44 Special. Both offer at least two barrel lengths and holster manufacturers offer chest holsters for both. http://www.diamonddcustomleather.com/Chest_Holsters.php If you want to customize either Bowen Classic Arms will fix you up for a price. http://bowenclassicarms.com/

I hope this gives you a starting point.
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My field sidearm is a Ruger SRH in 44 mag, 7.5 in barrel. It's reliable, accurate, and packs a thump. If starting over I'd get the Ruger Alaskan model in .454 and short barrel, and use .45 Colt or light handloads for target practice. The 7.5" barreled SRH is a bit long, although it does fit under chest waders with a shoulder rig, or a cross draw hip holster when wearing a backpack, and losing a bit of weight from a shorter barrel would make long wear days a little nicer. When planning long hikes I sometimes opt for a Ruger SP101 in .357 to save weight.

ETA: with the right holster the cylinder of a revolver is a non-issue; a hip holster would eliminate concerns about a chest injury if you spill and impact something. I'd be more concerned about getting speared by sticks or rocks than a revolver cylinder.

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Ruger Security Six, stainless, 4" barrel in .357 Magnum.
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Mine was extremely accurate, and they'll kill hogs quick.
"There you go, again." Ronald Reagan

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Any of the 44mag or 10mm or 45 ACP +p or 357 +p or 45 Colt. Double action preferred, but single or auto if well tuned and cared for..

BUT,, A light weight 12 ga pump with 3 1/2 mags is better...

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Thank you for the outstanding recommendations and I have now eyeballed some upcoming needed field gear.

To clarify for my original post. I have a 5" .460 that I can carry for serious work and more than a couple .357s laying around that go fishing from time to time. I have thought that handlebar mounted or top mount storage might make the initial planned dismount for a spotting run on a ridge would be acceptable. My concern with trauma based around the cylinder was from a friend of mine that I have ridden with numerous times. He recently switched from a glock in a hip holster to a GP100. He took a nice spill and limped around for days where the pistol had slammed into his hip. That very well be poor holster selection or placement but i would rather avoid another possible chest trauma.

Now this biggest factor. I .....am a gear whore. I need a new pistol and this sounds like a perfectly plausible reason, good enough that the better half wants numbers.

SO. If you were to buy a field pistol under these criteria what would it be?

-Semi Auto preferred
-most versatile single pistol for a single weapon setup.
- commercially available ammo
- Double as a bug out bag gun

I will more than likely have to update the criteria as I am educated.

To show my thoughts- I was looking at the Sig220-10mm because the 10mm with good ammo should do the trick, assuming I do my part, for animal defense. With other upper receivers available I would be able to get a 220 Carry or elite upper in .45 and a .22 upper for small game. I enjoy squirrel hunting with my Ruger 22/45 and it would be easier for one pistol with multiple uppers. While I would not carry them all it would be nice to stash the uppers and ammo, with a can, in the lockbox on the bike.

While it may seem as I have made up my mind other contenders are two variations of shotguns one AOW and one Pistol as well as two SBRs and an MPX. (I would go down like an angry hornet while being eaten) If you use something different I'm always open to new ideas, although my wallet may not be.

Dusty: the 929 I could find was 9mm, what ammo do you use for hogs?
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S&W 686 .357 with a 4 inch barrel. Can't go wrong with that.
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I Second the S&W 629. Stainless Steel Wheel Gun. The only current production .44 Mag is the Magnum Research Desert Eagle and it has about a $2K Price Tag.
Martin sends.
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These are the two I like for woods revolvers, the only difference is in the grips (I prefer the wood).



You could carry different levels of .45 (Long) Colt ammo including Buffalo Bore for the woods.

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