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America: The Road

One on my great passions and the endless love affair I have with our fantastic great country, are the long drives we have taken through her...Rt 89 from Livingston Mt to the Grand Canyon, 101 down the coast of Oregon through the redwood into N. Ca, And desert roads across some the beautiful SW, other roads with numbers that are forgotten, but their beauty is etched in our memory. It’s a good book.
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While we were still sailing we read Blue Highway, by Least Heat Moon. My wife never liked the idea of RVing, but after 9/11, our plans for blue water sailing stalled. The more she thought about the small roads in the country and after seeing the small towns we passed through going to my hometown in OK, she changed her mind. So when we got our little fiberglass travel trailer we largely stuck to the small roads.

My favorite activity is listening to small town radio stations. She got a laugh as we passed through a small NM town and heard a taxidermy radio ad as we passed by a guy dressing a deer hanging from his kids swing set.

We still try to do that on the outbound leg, but once we are headed home, Nancy is like a horse heading to the barn and we end up on the Interstates.
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We have traveled cross country several times on a motorcycle. Generally on the way to our destination we take the interstate but on the way home it is all two lane highways and small town America. In twenty years we have been to all 50 states, one of our favorite trips was across North Dakota, believe it or not but there is a lot of history in that state.
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