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are you looking at using these in an aid station setting or on patrol/ convoys?
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I got a chance to play with these a couple of weeks ago. 22-ish minutes at 8 lpm. Not ideal, but they are very portable, non-flammable before being activated.



Non-Explosive Emergency Oxygen Solution 02PAK

Portable Oxygen Generator

Manufacturer: Combat Critical Care
Model Number: not provided
Part Number: P26029
The O2PAK is a handheld emergency oxygen solution for immediate use at the point of injury, under the most severe conditions (search-and-rescue in hard-to-access areas, swat teams, peacekeeping operations, combat theaters, EOD demining activity etc…) without risk of explosion, in the most remote locations (desert, mountains, disaster zones) without being dependent on external sources, until patient/casualty treatment and evacuation can be achieved.
The single use, self-contained O2PAK is ideal for disaster relief & emergency preparedness situations, anyone exposed to extreme conditions with a high risk of serious injury. Compact and rugged, it is easily activated even under significant stress, delivering medically pure oxygen within seconds, in any position (vertical, horizontal) even changed during operation.
Unlike traditional oxygen solutions which are associated with risk of explosion and logistics challenges, the O2PAK requires no maintenance during 48 months, and is readily available at any time (last minute mission) without having to worry whether it is full or not (no need for refilling or mixing, no need for electricity or recharging battery).
The O2PAK is a sealed unit that does not rely on atmospheric air for oxygen generation and can be activated under the most severe conditions. It can be used up to altitudes of 40,000 feet. The unit is fitted with a hose with a flow indicator so that it can be easily adapted to various type of patient interfaces.
Extensive scientific research and development and testing were done under a wide variety of operational conditions to prove safety and efficacy - these include medical, ballistic, blast and fire tests. The O2PAK has been cleared by the FDA.

Length: 9.8 inches
Diameter: 4 inches
Weight: 3 pounds
Flow: 8-4 LPM
Actuation: flow within 4 seconds
Purity: 99% Medically pure (USP) oxygen
Duration: 22 minutes
Shelf Life: 48 Months
Maintenance: None

The O2PAK utilizes a solid state chemical to produce oxygen, a mature technology that is currently in use for emergency oxygen for military and civilian aircraft, and portable breathing equipment. Oxygen is produced by chemical reaction when the activation pins are pulled, releasing a spring-powered striker that ignites the reactant. The reactant is sodium chlorate which produces heat in an exothermic reaction. Once activated the production of oxygen cannot be stopped until the reactant is depleted. The heated sodium chlorate decomposes into sodium chloride (salt) and oxygen gas. In the presence of water, chlorine gas and hypochlorite ions are also produced. Disodium peroxide is used to scavenge the chlorine gas and hypochlorite ions.

Availability: Manufactured on demand
Availability Notes: Manufactured on demand
MSRP: USD 750 + shipping (Minimum order quantity 4; free shipping for quantity 25 and above)
Product Dimensions: 9.8 inches by 4 inches
Weight: 3 pounds
Information Provided By:
Combat Critical Care Corp (CCC)
9671 Irvine Center Dr
Irvine, California 92618
Email: info@02pak.com
Website: http://www.o2pak.com/?page_id=13
Page Last Updated: March 19, 2013
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