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Russia Nuclear Reactor Explosion, Aug 5th

Better check your supply of Dosimetry kits and Idiodine tabs.

Ruskies did it again


Russia Tried To Cover Up A Nuclear Reactor Explosion That Killed 7 and Evacuated Thousands, Uploaded 58 minutes ago

What are the chances that after HBO released their Chernobyl mini-series, we'd see another Russian nuclear reactor explode? Well, that's what happened.

On August 5th, footage of an explosion at a Russian "ammunition" factory began to circle the web, after the incident left seven people dead and forced the evacuation of several thousands more.

Speculation about the true nature of the explosion was quick, as many people didn't believe the whole "ammunition factory" answer they were given. In addition, there were Tweets and reports going around about people buying up Iodine pills, which if you watched Chernobyl, you'd know are used in post nuclear reaction meltdowns.

There was even a post which has been deleted that referenced the spiked level of radiation being recorded in the Russian town of, Severodvinsk. Both an English and Russian version can be seen in the link below.

ref: article w/video clips
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It's a big explosion but I doubt that is nuclear. I looks like it was a storage depot (or factory as claimed) and something big blew and probably destroyed nuke warheads or components releasing radioactivity. I was at one on Oki and we stored conventional with nukes though they were well separated. Reactors don't explode.

People see a 'mushroom cloud' and assume nuclear, but all big bombs, explosions, do that.
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"On Thursday, Aug. 8, Russian authorities issued a surprising announcement. Some sort of accident had occurred during a test of a missile engine near the city of Severodvinsk, along Russia’s Arctic coast. Two people died, and there had been a brief spike in radiation detected. Soon after, images and videos appeared on social media of first responders in hazmat suits, ambulances, and a helicopter for an emergency airlift.

The reference to radiation was striking—tests of missile engines don’t involve radiation. Well, with one exception: Last year, Russia announced it had tested a cruise missile powered by a nuclear reactor. It calls this missile the 9M730 Burevestnik. NATO calls it the SSC-X-9 Skyfall.

A nuclear-powered cruise missile is an outrageous idea, one the United States long ago considered and rejected as a technical, strategic, and environmental nightmare. Vladimir Putin’s Russia, though, thinks differently. My colleagues and I at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies—who regularly use open-source tools to monitor the state of nuclear proliferation around the world—wondered if something had gone wrong with the Skyfall. We soon discovered there was good reason to believe so.

The first thing we did was attempt to locate where the incident had occurred. Many of the reports pointed to a missile test site at a place called Nenoksa, about 18 miles up the coast from Severodvinsk. Our assumption was that the accident had occurred at the Nenoksa Missile Test Center. The facility is no secret: It is well documented in declassified intelligence reports and even marked on open-source platforms such as Wikimapia. The test center has been there since the 1960s—and, from satellite images, looks every year of its age.

But when we looked more closely at the site, we were surprised to find something new. To tell you what we saw, I have to tell you a little more about the Skyfall."
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