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Readmission Advice

I first would like to thank any of the QP's here for taking the time to read my post. I was relieved from the SFQC a year ago. I was a land navigation gate failure for Phase 1 and thankfully given another opportunity to re-apply. I was an X-Ray and received orders to the 82nd. I've made incredible progress in honing my land navigation, worked hard on PT , and learned how to be a better 11B.

My leadership now know my intentions on reapplying soon. So, aspirations I had for attending any Army school were essentially squashed. But I didn't want to return without proving that I'm worth the second chance.

I want to focus on my 25m target right now of getting back to the Q. My question essentially is waiting to reapply ( when I earn Ranger tab and I am promoted to E-5) more beneficial or should I reapply now if I am confident, fit and feel that I will succeed? Any QP's or anyone else with insight have any recommendations or suggestions? I'm open to anything and am humbled to learn anything from the guys who've been there and done that. Thanks again

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If you are land nav, physically, and mentally ready, reapply. If not, get that way, then reapply.
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You don't need us to help you answer your own question.

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