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EE-3-SO4 trials
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EE-3-SO4 trials

Has anyone heard about EE-3-SO4? Any thoughts?


"The drug appears to work in three ways:
It helps the heart beat more efficiently, enabling it to fully expand and contract while pumping to maximize blood flow.
It lowers resistance to blood flow to vital organs, and then gradually elevates blood pressure and promotes sufficient blood flow throughout the body.
It recruits fluid from surrounding tissue, increasing blood volume to compensate for blood loss from the wound or injury. The average person has about 10 liters of this interstitial fluid in tissue and about 5 liters of blood."
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Originally Posted by Odin21 View Post
Has anyone heard about EE-3-SO4? Any thoughts?

Not sure what the substance is in addition to estrogen, but my memory seem to recall that anything ending in SO4 is an ACID (not the type for trips). Further, the target group (combat fatalities) are apt to be male, and I am not sure that further clouding the legal community with lawsuits, because "Uncle Sam made me GAY", while forcing me to ingest estrogen pills, will increase the enlistment rate or retention.. YMMV

Way back when I worked for a good living, I seem to remember a project we had with cow blood. Perhaps a better avenue for you to explore is Bovine Hemoglobin. It was licensed in South Africa, but I think the FDA killed the effort here, because it actually made sense. That route, at least would have turned recovering soldiers into CHARGING BULLS, rather than interior decorators or actors.


Could the female sex hormone save soldiers on the battlefield? Army funds human trials of estrogen pills that could stem blood loss [url]

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