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The Reaper is 100% accurate
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I had the same problem when I got a new tasking as a medic for my TF's DART team. I was using a TT Trauma Pack and having to pack for possibly 3 days in the field. I looked at my kit, bulk, blah blah blah. So long story short, I bought the Conterra Longbow. It's been a godsend. Almost totally customizable medical compartment (it's got a velcro panel that you can set up however you want, what medic doesn't go gaga for that). Plus the medic compartment is limited in size to the point that it forces you to cut it down to only what you really, really need.
The Reaper also is spot on with crossloading your gear with the rest of the team, I would rather have each man carry an IV (which for me makes a total of 8-10 liters on the ground for me to use), rather than carry four or five and be so heavy you don't move as fast and easy.

The longbow has a compartment for your personal gear. Large enough for the bare essentials, but not a lot of room for much else. Again this pack forces you to pack only what you need. Which in turn keeps the load light(er). The internal frame makes it super comfortable as well. Decent price too.

just my .02

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Our emer med equip SOP for every man on 5 day patrol was:
  • Individual pill kit in compass case (antibiotic, antidiarrheal, ASA, actifed, DAS tabs)
  • Small field dressing in bottom of every ammo pouch/canteen cover
  • Cravat (worn)
  • A7A strap belt
  • 5 ea 10gr MS (left breast pocket)
  • 3" square moleskin
  • 5 bandaids
  • Small tube polysporin
  • Small bottle HOH purification tabs taped to each canteen cap
  • 2 large black safety pins pinned inside flap of each ammo pouch
  • Claymore bag (with strap cut about 8" above bag and the two straps sewn into loops to fit over harness web belt in rear) to carry blood transfusion IV set (could use for direct transfusion among team members or IV insfusion) and 500ml LR solution

If injured, you used the individual's med supplies first.

You'd be surprised how much stuff you can take care of with so little gear.

Key - spread the wealth and x-tng!

Richard's $.02
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First, thank you to everyone that's taken the time to reply to this post. It's nice to see how it's developed.

I learned some truths (as also posted by those more experienced than I).

*Crossloading is an art. Someone has to see the big picture of what everyone is carrying or should be and plan accordingly. I had to take off the medic hat and wear the leader hat to truly understand this.

*Learn as many uses for a single object as you can, keep adding to the improvisation library. While the newest whiz bang stuff on the market is nice, it's also very task specific and it's better to carry the jack of all trades in your aidbag. Still can't beat the cravat, ace and kerlex.

*with all the kit spread out it went about like this...warfighters; medium size IFAK on the vest, TT FRB on/in the assault pack (every 4th). Me (medic) rucksack w/ non-medical, and Eagle A-III medic bag loaded toward the advanced tactical field care side of things.

It took a lot of trial and error, but that was the best I found. Chronologically speaking, my original intent was to be able to carry everything in my casevac platform bag (STOMP2 loaded to the gills), AKA my safety blanket, that I used in mounted operations. I wanted to retain each and every one of those treatment capabilities while dismounted with just a ruck.

It was just too big. I tried several methods to carry it, including strapping the whole STOMP2 to the ruck frame (which seemed like the most seamless way). Then trying two bags, 1 for basic TFC and another with advanced TFC, both smaller. Still ate up a ton of space in the ruck. I ditched the basic TFC bag, broke it down and gave everyone a shave bag with the basic bleeder and airway stuff. It was redundant to the point of being unnecessary.

The tipping point was standardizing the IFAK, it's contents, and also the TT FRB. Having faith in my crossloaded gear. With that basic TFC stuff crossloaded, and all the distractions removed, I was still being cautious despite only carrying the advanced kit.

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Sounds like you've got your solution, but in case you haven't seen it, the SOF Medical Handbook has a packing list for a large ALICE ruck for PJ's. I used this as a general outline when I was had your same dilemna back in the day.

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of guys are you crossloading to?
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I like to use lots of cordage and ingenuity. lol. Cross load it.
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One thing I have tried and liked was rigging two CLS bags together for extended dismounted patrols and slinging them that way you still have immediate access without having to drop your gear.
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Just figured I'd share this to see if it helped anyone else out. This is a setup for relatively long infils with low weight. All setup it weighs less than 30 pounds
  1. Smoke
  2. 4 Magazines with dump pouch
  3. Food Pouch
  4. GP Pouch with Narcs and signalling
  5. NVG pouch with mount, headlamp and flashlight
  6. 24 foot tubular nylon with 3 carabiners
  7. NARP CLS bag with ripshears
  8. Sam Splint taped behind kidney pad
  9. 3L water bladder
  10. 100 rounds 7.62 linked
  11. X2 mortars
I also roll with a fanny pack that has a stripped down cric kit, earpro, tourniquetX2, Chest Tube Kit, Cards, Pens and Diagnostics(small wrist BP and Pulse Ox). With an IFAK on everyone, this is more than enough supplies for operations ~80-100Px with two medics carrying this loadout. It also weighs half of what fully dedicated aidbags weigh and you can take out the CLS bag and roll with it standalone W/fanny pack if needed.
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