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Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc

I think most of us are aware the CGI and AI have been used to create some fantastic movies. Avatar and the Matrix, and a bunch of others. I have been told by a discreet but reliable source that the porn industry has a lot of money being sunk into CGI.

BUT, Did you ever think of CGI and AI being used as a weapon?

It's not too late to start..

FORBES, May 25, 2020,11:54pm EDT
Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society. We Are Not Prepared.
Rob Toews, Contributor

Last month during ESPN’s hit documentary series The Last Dance, State Farm debuted a TV commercial that has become one of the most widely discussed ads in recent memory. It appeared to show footage from 1998 of an ESPN analyst making shockingly accurate predictions about the year 2020.

As it turned out, the clip was not genuine: it was generated using cutting-edge AI. The commercial surprised, amused and delighted viewers.

What viewers should have felt, though, was deep concern.

The State Farm ad was a benign example of an important and dangerous new phenomenon in AI: deepfakes. Deepfake technology enables anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to create realistic-looking photos and videos of people saying and doing things that they did not actually say or do.

A combination of the phrases “deep learning” and “fake”, deepfakes first emerged on the Internet in late 2017, powered by an innovative new deep learning method known as generative adversarial networks (GANs).

Several deepfake videos have gone viral recently, giving millions around the world their first taste of this new technology: President Obama using an expletive to describe President Trump, Mark Zuckerberg admitting that Facebook's true goal is to manipulate and exploit its users, Bill Hader morphing into Al Pacino on a late-night talk show.

The amount of deepfake content online is growing at a rapid rate. At the beginning of 2019 there were 7,964 deepfake videos online, according to a report from startup Deeptrace; just nine months later, that figure had jumped to 14,678. It has no doubt continued to balloon since then.

While impressive, today's deepfake technology is still not quite to parity with authentic video footage—by looking closely, it is typically possible to tell that a video is a deepfake. But the technology is improving at a breathtaking pace. Experts predict that deepfakes will be indistinguishable from real images before long.

“In January 2019, deep fakes were buggy and flickery,” said Hany Farid, a UC Berkeley professor and deepfake expert. “Nine months later, I’ve never seen anything like how fast they’re going. This is the tip of the iceberg.”

Today we stand at an inflection point. In the months and years ahead, deepfakes threaten to grow from an Internet oddity to a widely destructive political and social force. Society needs to act now to prepare itself.

link: continue reading
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You have to wonder about everything you see in media these days, you know fake news.
The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
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the week ahead will look like this: https://m4bl.org/week-of-action/
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There was a very chilling – very prophetic documentary produced back in 1987 directed by Paul Michael Glaser (yes – the guy that played Starsky) and produced by George Linder and Time Zinnemann. The documentary was narrated by the Governor of California as well as Corporal Peter Newkirk (a radio operator that served in the British Army during WW2).

It focused on current social and economic trends that impacted 1980’s America and how these trends would eventually cause a string of global strife in the years immediately following the 2016 election. Threats of worldwide economic collapse, disease, food shortages, and wide spread civil disobedience would all lead to totalitarian police states ran by partisan democrats attempting to control and censor nearly all cultural and personal activity.

The research that produced this documentary suggested that the U.S. populace would be increasingly pacified through the glorification of reality TV and the popularity of games shows that showcased gladiator-style competition.
As a result, society would slowly but sure become inverted to a point where violent criminals and drug abusers would assume roles as folk heroes while hard working decent Americans would be treated as “the bad guy”

The documentary suggested that by 2019 if current cultural trends continued on their trajectory we would be facing food riots and civil unrest. Law enforcement personnel in this documentary were frequently pushed by their leaders to infringe on civil rights as a matter of practice but when these same officers were caught on video or attempted to act as “whistle blowers” they were metaphorically fed to the lions.

It was also explained how easy it was for the government to produce computer generated footage edited to deliver a scripted narrative. The digital quality of this “fake news” rivaled reality. The general populace could watch entire news reports – completely unaware that the entire video clip was a digital rendering.

In one vignette, Officer Ben Richards, a police helicopter pilot from Bakersfield California, was framed for causing civilian casualties during a food riot. In a shocking admission – (of course under the agreement of anonymity) - a government worker demonstrated how Officer Richards was framed using synthetic media (AKA- Deep-Fakes) as video evidence that he committed the crime. More chilling than the use of DeepFake technology to control government agendas and messaging, the government used violent mercenaries to pursue (and in some cases kill) those who had been accused of crime through the use of DeepFakes and other synthetic media. The classic government scheme was to simply “cut feed” anytime questionable content was leaked to the public through outside sources. Most common was the excuse that storms and cloud cover was interfering with the signal.

Scary shit…..
Opinions stated in this post are solely those of the author, and in no way reflect the opinions or policies of The Department of Defense, The United States Army, or The 1st Special Forces Regiment. These opinions are provided purely as overly sarcastic social commentary and are not meant to be used for mission planning or navigation.

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tom kelly
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It is not the North vs The South but The Grass Roots Right vs The Radical Liberal Democrat Party. The DNC are the same socialists, communists as the CCP in China. Their goal is complete domination of the USA. The sides are clear about their intentions to RULE and CONTROL the citizens of their respective countries. There can not be a peaceful separation and solution to this "Problem", because the Leftist Radical Democrat's do not listen and do not learn. The protesters are now playing the victim role being promoted by MSM, the propaganda arm of the The New Radical Left Democrat Party. The defacto leader of the Radical Left is a pathetic, old man who has been in politics his entire adult life it is sad to see this construct person who is in obvious mental decline being portrayed as as the next POTUS.
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