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Federal expanding full metal jacket

Any thoughts on this new round.

I have read some stuff about how it's supposed to expand more reliably in any material than a hollow point since there is no cavity to plug. I've never tried it myself, but was thinking about grabbing some to play with.
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the only thing I've seen on that round is from www.ammolab.com
As far as realworld ballistic profile, I've never dealt with one in the human body and that's how I like to judge bullets...by their human tissue ballistic profile. I'll put out a 'feeler' on our trauma center web site to see if anyone has operated on a patient with one of these rounds but I'll bet not......at least not yet anyway.
There are alot of other great rounds out there unless you live in certain cities/counties/states that maight regulate carry ammo.
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I have wanted to look at these since I started reading about them a couple of years ago, but thus far, I haven't even seen one of them in person. They sound similar in theory to the Cor-Bon Pow'R Ball ammo. Intended to function reliably in weapons that may have difficulty feeding Hollw point ammunition.
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I've been running Federal Hydra-Shoks for several years but I'm thinking more and more that there are better rounds out there. (especially after seeing the posts made by SS)

I got a chance to fondle these rounds at the range one day and two cops who were there were singing them praises. That being said I haven't heard of a single large police dept. who uses these rounds. I am really curious if they will stand up to the hype.
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