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I have GOT to get me one of these ...
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I have GOT to get me one of these ...

Go to the below link ...

Type "121G" in the parts 'search bar' ...


You'll thank me later that you did.
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I would have thought it was bigger - on the down side, the upgrade kit doesn't appear to be available.
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Great Scott!
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haaa, wow. How the heck did ya find that??? lol So it can happen, off to the future...
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When this baby hits 88MPH you're going to see some real s.....
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O'Reilly's auto parts is a rip off...

If you really want good deals on this type of shit you have to go directly to the source. If you know who to talk to, you can get one at Walmart for under 400 dollars.
If you catch them on sale you can get it for 359.44
...you cant just get one of off aisle 7 - you have to know a few folks
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Is an aftermarket super charger available?
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Originally Posted by mark46th View Post
Is an aftermarket super charger available?
You're in SoCal. Edelbrock makes one but you have to go to the HQ shop in Torrance and ask for Little Al. Don't make the mistake of just asking for Al, though.

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Pretty neat. I wondered what Manny, Moe & Jack had been up to in the back room...

I'd consider myself fortunate to have the 4-wheeled prerequisite.
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